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Aero-Casablanca is a fictional airline found in the Jungle Cruise part of the Disney Park mythos.



Aero-Casablanca was an airline in the 1930s which offered exotic foreign tours and tour packages. They were the sponsors of Albert Awol's AWOL Airwaves at the Jungle Navigation Company. Based off of their name, it is likely that their operations were notably based out of Casablanca, Morocco.

Development History[]

Aero-Casablanca's name is taken from the 1942 film Casablanca. This is due to an (allegedly) authentic prop plane from Casablanca having been obtained by Disney to be used in a Casablanca tableau in The Great Movie Ride. The back-end of the plane would be used as a prop in the Jungle Cruise under the theming of a crashed airplane.

The front-side of the plane as seen in the Great Movie Ride's Casablanca tableau


The Jungle Cruise[]

Aero-Casablanca is only referenced in the Walt Disney World version of the attraction. It is promoted by Albert Awol in the queue of the attraction as being his sponsor and an airline which, "No-one comes back from". Within the ride itself, a crashed Lockheed Electra 12A in the Congo is inferred to be belonging to the airline. JNC skippers will sometimes mention having been stranded in the Congo by the airline, hence working as a skipper.


  • There is a further Jungle Cruise allusion to Casablanca, in the board game the Jungle Cruise Adventure Game. Here, the likeness of Humphrey Bogart's character Richard "Rick" Blaine (who appeared in the Great Movie Ride) is shown as a JNC passenger and member of the Cruz and DeNyle families where are two of four families that assisted S.E.A. member Dr. Albert Falls in founding the Jungle Navigation Company. It is unknown if this is intended to be Bogart's character or simply resemble him.