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Dr. Ludwig Philipp Albert Schweitzer AKA Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) is a German-French historic figure.


Dr. Albert Schweitzer was a theologist, priest and celebrated pipe-organist who became a missionary in Central Africa within what is now the Gabonese republic. It was in Gabon where Schweitzer worked in a hospital as a skilled physician. While a colonial missionary, Schweitzer held an altruistic mindset which led to him working for reformation while attempting to fight for the rights of oppressed African peoples under European rule.

In 1952, Albert became the recipricantt of a Nobel Peace Prize for his philosophy the Reverence for Life which stated that the most universal form of ethics was to respect all other organisms working to survive as we are all connected by the shared experience of fighting for survival. In 1957 he was very outspoken against the usage of Nuclear weaponry in regards to its usage in the growing Cold War.[1] He died the 4 September of 1965 of what is believed to have been circulatory issues and was subsequently buried in the free nation of Gabon.

Appearances and allusions[]

Jungle Cruise[]

In real-life, the water-feature of Schweitzer Falls featured in the Nile River segment of the Jungle Cruise was named in tribute of Dr. Schweitzer. In the original spiels for the attraction, the dialogue which skippers would say while passing the falls was that they were named for, "Schweitzer Falls, named for Dr. Albert Schweitzer who has done so much for the people of Africa". [2] When the attraction became more comedic, this would become satirized by saying it was named for one, "Dr. Albert Falls".

The Dr. Albert Falls gag was later integrated into the ride's script during a refurbishment in the 1990s. In 2015 the fictitious doctor became an official character who was the founder of the Jungle Navigation Company and a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. The fictitious doctor is documented as having discovered Schweitzer Falls on the August 12th of 1891 and it is unknown if in-lore the, "Schweitzer" portion of its naming had any connection to the historic Dr. Schweitzer. Albert Schweitzer would have only been 16 at the time of Schweitzer Falls' discovery.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

in Trader Sam's bar is a house-rule saying, "Call bartender if Schweitzer falls".[3] This message references the waterfall of Dr. Albert Falls but also seems to be a pun, referencing a customer by the name of Schweitzer passing out from drinking too much.

In other media[]

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles[]

A depiction of Dr. Albert Schweitzer appeared in this series where he befriended a young Indiana Jones during World War I when Jones was deployed to the Congo.[4]


Spaceship Earth[]

Author Ray Bradbury who designed Spaceship Earth and much of EPCOT spoke about having imagined the park in occurrence to a, "Schweitzer Centrifuge" inspired by Schweitzer's belief that you must, "Set a good example for the world. If you are excellent, if you are high quality, the world will imitate you".[5]


  • Certain elements of Dr. Falls' history parallel Dr. Albert Schweitzer for example:
    • Dr. Albert Falls' moustache appears to be modelled after the moustache of the historic Dr. Schweitzer. A bronze bust of Dr. Albert Falls in Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar greatly resembles the likeness of Dr. Albert Schweitzer.[6]
    • In 1903 Dr. Falls traversed the rivers of Gabon where Dr. Schweitzer most famously worked. Possibly incidentally, 1903 is the year Dr. Schweitzer became permanent Principal of the Theological College of Saint Thomas.