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Amelia Mary Earhart (1897-unknown) is a historic aviatrix.



Disney Parks[]

Appearances and allusions[]

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

Amelia Earhart is amongst the historic aviators who is referenced in this bar belonging to S.E.A. member Jock Lindsey.


Earhart's photograph is hung in the Wings of Fame exhibit in the queue for Disney California Adventure's Soarin'. There is a plaque overtop of this photograph which explains her history.[1]

In other media[]


Tomorrowland (film)[]

In the lore of this film, Amelia Earhart was a member of the secret futurist society of Plus Ultra which founded the colony of Tomorrowland. In this continuity, her disappearance was the result of her becoming stranded in Tomorrowland's dimension during testing of vehicles made for cross-dimensional transport. Upon her return to Earth, Amelia assumed a new identity and became a secret-agent for Plus Ultra.


Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil[]

Amelia was a character in this book where she assisted Indiana Jones in escaping the wrecked ship the Julie Anne during her 1935 flight from the Pacific Ocean to the USA.