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Ananta is a character from the Maharajah Jungle Trek.


Ananta was an asian man prior to or during the early 16th century. Ananta was attracted to the lush wildlife of a region which he subsequently declared the Kingdom of Anandapur. In his actions of imperialism, Ananta greatly deforested Anandapur and hunted its wildlife with much of its wildlife fleeing his wrath.

Ananta's crimes lead to him having a vision in-which the heavens tormented him for his injustices. Following this, Ananta changed his ways and attempted to begin an early-history conservationist. While Ananta aimed to make peace with nature, Ananta's royal family did not hold the same sentiments.[1] When Ananta died, he was buried in a sarcophagus in the Royal Forest of Anandapur outside the township of Anandapur.[2]

Appearances and allusions[]

Maharajah Jungle Trek[]

Ananta's tomb is featured in this attraction along with several stone carvings depicting his history. These carvings show Ananta befriending nature, chopping down the trees, scaring off the animals, being tormented by the heavens, and then making amends for his past.[3]


Expedition Everest[]

Anandapur is the setting of Expedition Everest, being set in the village of Serka Zong.


The woods where Ananta is buried are frequented by the Wilderness Explorers.


  • The necklace which the carvings depict Ananta wearing is in the shape of a Hidden Mickey.[4]