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Andalasia is a location from the film Enchanted (2007).


Andalasia is a kingdom which exists within an alternate realm of magic which resembles animation and appears to perpetually be in an anachronistic fairy-tale world between the medieval era and late 18th century. Andalasia was supposedly allocated between the Meadows of Joy and the Valley of Contentment. This realm exists outside of a contemporary, live-action world but the two are connected via magical passages such as a wishing-well in Andalasia's palace connected to the sewers of New York City.


  • Forest:
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Appearances and allusions[]

Disney Springs[]

A flight arriving in Disney Springs, Florida from Andalasia is referenced in the Marketplace Co-Op.[1]


Disney films[]

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Andalasia native Giselle confused a man with dwarfism in New York City for Grumpy, one of the dwarfs from this film.