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Rajah Bhima Disampati is a character from Maharajah Jungle Trek.


Bhima Disampati was the rajah of the kingdom Anandapur during the 16th century. He had a love for hunting and often went hunting in the municipality of Anandapur. In 1544, the rajah created an enclosed forest in the municipality of Anandapur which proceeded to be his royal hunting grounds.

Bhima went on to build a hunting-lodge for himself in this forest. However, Bhima went on to be killed on the grounds when he was mauled by a Bengal Tiger which he intended on hunting.[1]

Appearances and allusions[]

Maharajah Jungle Trek[]

Murals depicting Bhima can be found throughout this attraction. He is presumable the titular, "Maharajah" in the name of the attraction.


Expedition Everest[]

Bhima was the ruler of Anandapur, the same kingdom which this attraction is set in.


Centuries after his demise, the hunting lodge and former royal forest became a nature reserve frequented by the Wilderness Explorers.


  • The earring which Bhima wears in his mural is in the shape of a Hidden Mickey.