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The Brethren Court is a group from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.


The Brethren Court was an international allegiance of pirates which was formed c. the 17th century. The court would be assembled by the being Davy Jones who made a bargain with them, offering them control over the seas if they went through a ritual to imprison the sea goddess Calypso. This action would be performed by the brethren's first Pirate King through the use of the, "Nine pieces of eight", nine objects used to imprison Calypso in mortal form.

For the ages to come, the nine pieces of eight would be passed into the safekeeping of pirate to pirate with whichever pirate who possessed it being a pirate lord of the Brethren. The titles of the Brethren Court included: Lord of the Caribbean, Lord of the Caspian Sea, Lord of the Mediterranean, Lord of the Black Sea, Lord of the Pacific Ocean, Lord of the Adriatic Sea, Lord of the Arabian Sea, Pirate Lord of the South China Sea, and Pirate Lord of Madagascar. While originally run by a Pirate King, it would be rare for kings to be appointed due to the need for one to be elected and each pirate only ever voting for themselves.

During the golden age of buccaneering, the second pirate court would come to create the Pirate's Code which was a set of rules (or guidelines depending on who is asked) made to maintain peace amongst the different pirates. The code was created by the pirate lords Sir Henry Morgan and Bartholomew with the position of Keeper of the Code also being created amongst their ranks. The Keeper of the Code would serve as a law enforcer and judge amongst the pirates who kept the pirate's codex for safekeeping.

Around 1727, the court was assembled when Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman came under the command of the East India Trading Company which wished to conquer the globe. This brethren court would elect the pirate lord Elizabeth Swann as their pirate king as she intended to declare war on the East India Trading Company. Meanwhile Barbossa, the pirate lord of the Caspian Sea wished to free Calypso and later did though to no support from her.


The Fourth Brethren
Image Character Description Appearances
Ammand the Corsair Ammand the Corsair was Pirate Lord of the Black Sea who lead a group of muslim privateers with backing from the remains of the Ottoman Empire. Ammand is loosely inspired by 16th century corsairs of the Adriatic Sea such as Hayreddin Barbarossa and "Baba" Oruç Reis who saved refugees of Christian raids and protected Islamic cities from Christian invasions and massacres. Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure
Capitaine Chevalle.jpg
Capitaine Chevalle Chevalle was a French pirate with a penchant for gambling who served as Pirate Lord of the Mediterranean Sea. Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure
Captain Jack Sparrow The Pirate Lord of the Caribbean, son of the Keeper of the Code and captain of the Black Pearl. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure


Elizabeth Swann The Pirate Lord of the South China Sea who inherited her title from the late-Sao Feng. She was elected by a majority vote of 2/9 into becoming the Pirate King. Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island


Eduardo Villanueva Eduardo Villanueva was the spanish Pirate Lord of the Adriatic Sea. Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure
Teague guitar.jpg
Edward Teague The Pirate Lord of Madagascar and the Keeper of the Code who despite his title, resided on Shipwreck Cove. He was also a gifted musician and the biological father of Jack Sparrow and himself son of the former Pirate Lord of the Atlantic. He kept the Pirate Codex under lock and key, keeping the keys in the mouth of a prison dog which he seemingly recovered from Isla de Pelegostos. Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure
Gentleman Jocard Gentleman Jocard or Gombo was the Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean who frequently commit acts of piracy in the British isles and New Orleans where he lead slave revolts.
Hector Barbossa The Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea who lead the assemblage of the 4th Brethren after he was resurrected by Calypso. In the Disney Parks, Barbossa is captain of The Wicked Wench. Pirates of the Caribbean


Mistress Ching Mistress Ching is a blind Chinese woman who serves as Pirate Lord of the Pacific. Ching is loosely based on historic 19th century pirate Ching "Madame Ching" Shih who is the most successful pirate captain in documented history.
Sumbhajee Angria.jpg
Sri Sumbhajee Angria The pirate lord of the Arabian Sea.

Former/late members[]

Image Character Description Appearances
Bartholomew Bartholomew was a pirate during the golden age of buccaneering who assisted Sir Henry Morgan in establishing the pirate's code. Bartholomew was originally named as one of the writers of the code in Curse of the Black Pearl as an allusion to historic pirate Bartholomew Roberts who wrote his own code. However, Bartholomew Roberts would have been neither active nor living during the time of Sir Henry Morgan. Fans have theorized on other potential historic identities for this pirate lord to potentially be Bartolomeo Português (a historic Brethren of the Coast ember who was active in 1660s) or Bartholomew Sharp (active from 1679 to 1682).
"Grandmama" This was the mother of Captain Edward Teague and was a successful pirate in her youth. She was the Pirate Lord of the Atlantic. She was a member of the Brethren during the days of Morgan and Bartholomew.
Sao Feng Sao Feng was the lord of the South China Sea who was killed by the East India Trading Company and left Elizabeth Swann as his successor, falsely believing that she was the goddess Calypso.
Sir Henry Morgan (1635-1688) Sir Henry Morgan was a historic privateer, pirate, knight and later governor of Jamaica who was one of the pirate lords to forge the Pirate's Code. In the Pirates of the Caribbean books, Morgan actually faked his death and retired to an island where he used alchemy to make himself quasi-immortal under the pseudonym of, "The Shadow Lord".


Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure[]

The skeletons of six pirate of the nine lords appear in the Caves of Misfortune on Treasure Cove. Namely the corpses of: Captain Teague, Capitaine Chevalle, Ammand, Eduardo Villanueva and two unidentified members.

Tortuga Tavern[]

The Jolly Rogers of Ammand the Corsair, Captain Jack Sparrow and Sri are hung over the entrance to this restaurant. More generic flags used by Barbossa and Eduardo Villenuava are also hung at this entrance.


Oceaneer Lab[]

S.E.A. member Captain Mary Oceaneer is in ownership of several objects from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Crates identify her excavating Shipwreck Cove, the pirate haven operated by the fourth brethren court.


  • Peter Pan: Captain Hook is referenced existing the book Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom where he is referred to as begin a past affiliate of the Brethren Court. He is mentioned to have previously gone by the moniker of of James the Mysterious before disappearing in the early 18th century. He then reappeared years later having not aged a day while also with his hand being replaced by a hook. It is unknown if this is inferring Hook travelled back to Earth after having lost his hand before returning to Neverland or if it is set after the main story of Peter Pan when Hook was chased off the island and Neverland exists outside of normal time.


  • The Brethren is based off of the historic Brethren of the Coast, a 17th century allegiance of Caribbean privateers and buccaneers that was established around the Thirty Year War but was long since defunct by the golden age of piracy. Additionally, while the terminology of the Pirate Code is true to history in actuality they were more along the lines of, "Terms of service" for specific crews rather than enforced laws amongst a loosely defined criminal underworld.
  • In an unused script for the film, the court would have been made up of famous pirates from history and fiction such as Blackbeard, Anne Bonny and potentially Captain Hook.
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean, the piece of eight of the Caribbean is seen decorating the bandanna of Captain X in the Blue Bayou. This might work to imply a connection between X and the Brethren and/or Jack Sparrow.
  • Sir Henry Morgan was once proposed to appear within Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction as one of its famous pirates with late-animator Marc Davis having created concept-art of him for said purpose.