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The Café Noir (French: The Black Café) is a fictional location from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


The Café Noir is a café located in Brussels, Belgium.


The Café Noir was established in 1912 by the French Secret Service who used the café for their spy-network. In 1917, spy Remy Baudouin was made proprietor of the café under the assumed name of Albert and which was used to contact their agent, "The White Lady".

In 1940, the bar was visited by aviator Jock Lindsey who flew to Brussels in a Renard R.34 plane which he was testing called the OO-ARW. After attending the café, Jock took coasters from the establishment as a form of souvenir.[1]

Appearances and allusions[]

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

A coaster from the Café Noir appears in the collection of S.E.A. member Jock Lindsey, affiliating him as having been a patron of the café.[2]

In other media[]

Film and television[]

Young Indiana Jones Chronicles[]

The Café was first mentioned in this show as having been superficially run by Indiana Jones' Belgian spy friend Remy Baudouin under the name of, "Albert". Remy used this position of proprietor to maintain contacts in the French underground during World War I.