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Captain X is a character from the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride who also serves as the logo for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.


Captain X was an Irish pirate during the golden age of piracy though whether this was the 17th century, 18th century or both is unknown. Based off of how he is frequently shown with an eyepatch it is very possible he had a sort of eye disability which he covered up though he might have also simply used the patch to accommodate his eyes to darkness for nautical functions. The Captain also might have had some supernatural powers in life, leading to the nature of his afterlife.

At some point in time Captain X died with his head being severed from the rest of his body. Captain X's skull was later mounted within a brick canal built in the Blue Bayou of New Orleans alongside two crossed swords and one of the nine pieces of eight, appointed to the Brethren Court's Pirate Lord of the Caribbean. Captain X's skull would remain animate in death however and be shown to possess supernatural abilities in his state of undeath such as the ability to allow others to teleport and to time-travel.

The skull was also shown to appear throughout the Caribbean posthumously through said dark powers, often being affiliated with the cursed Isla Tesoro and pirate Captain Jack Sparrow who would also possess the Caribbean Lord's piece of eight. Apparently at some point in time Jack robbed Captain X (or possibly owes him a debt of plunder) of which X would hold him to.

Appearances and allusions[]

Pirates of the Caribbean[]


Captain X appears in the beginning of this attraction in the Blue Bayou where he gives ominous warnings to guests before they enter the world of pirates. He then is inferred to be the one who transports guests to the cursed isle of Isla Tesoro where they pass through Dead Man's Cove and later time-travel to the golden age of piracy. Outside of the Royal Street Gallery which holds the attraction's queue is a fountain with a plaque that shows Captain X alongside two mermaids.

Walt Disney World[]

In this version of the attraction, Captain X appears in the Dead Man's Cove of Isla Tesoro nearby Hurricane Lagoon. He makes comments about having had a treasure stolen from him by Captain Jack Sparrow before sending guests down a waterfall where they are transported back in time to when the Wicked Wench raided Puerto Dorado.[1]

Disneyland Paris[]

In this version of the attraction, Captain X appears at the end of the ride when leaving Dead Man's Cove into Isla Tesoro's Blue Lagoon after Jack Sparrow broke into the cove to steal its cursed treasure.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure[]

In this attraction, Captain X talks to guests in Voodoo Alley in Treasure Cove as they set out to join Captain Jack Sparrow's crew. He gives them advice about finding Jack Sparrow before leaving them with the message that, "Dead Men Tell no Tales".[2]


Disney Kingdoms[]

Captain X is possible referenced in Disney Kingdoms: Haunted Mansion comics in the undead pirate Captain Gore's hunt for the mansion's treasure (implied to be the treasure of Isla Tesoro). Gore is shown finding a secret room in the Haunted Mansion with a wooden door decorated with a skull resembling that of Captain X's from the attraction, a connection furthered by the present Pirates of the Caribbean references and tributes in said story.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad[]

The Blue Bayou was also home to Beacon Joe, a character featured in the stories of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Thunder Mesa.


  • The name Captain X was made in tribute to the skull's voice-actor Xavier "X" Atencio who in addition to being one of the original Imagineers behind Pirates of the Caribbean also voiced the character. He was first given this name in Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure.
  • It is unknown what treasure Jack Sparrow stole from Captain X which the skull references in the Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • One possibility is that it is his, "Piece of Eight" which Captain X is lacking in the Magic Kingdom version of the ride.
    • He might be referring to the cursed treasure of Isla Tesoro which Jack stole in the Disneyland Paris version of the attraction which is absent in Walt Disney World's Dead Man's Cove.