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Charlton J. Taboret is an artist member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.


Charlton J. Taboret was a painter and member of S.E.A. during the 19th century. He went on many adventures and expeditions with fellow society-member Lord Henry Mystic, serving to make portraits of the lord's adventures. Charlton was one of the Society members present for the 1899 meeting at Hotel Hightower in New York which had taken place before Harrison Hightower III's disappearance. There are no chronological references to Taboret following 1899.

Appearances & Allusions[]

Bengal Barbecue[]

A miniature portrait of Charlton in the SEA lineup appears on a shelf in this restaurant.

Mystic Manor[]

His illustrations of the adventures of Henry Mystic and Albert can be found throughout the queue of Mystic Manor, with one piece chronicling a Polynesian expedition showing that he joins the two while out on in the field.


Oceaneer Lab/Miss Adventure Falls[]

Taboret was a contemporary of Captain Mary Oceaneer.

Tower of Terror[]

Taboret attended the 1899 Hotel Hightower meeting of SEA alongside Harrison Hightower III and Shiriki Utundu.

Artwork by Charlton J. Taboret[]


  • Charlton's illustrations were created by Imagineer Chris Turner, one of the primary art directors for the Mystic Manor project.