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Cristoforo Colombo or Cristóbal Colón  (1451-1506) (retroactively anglicized to Christopher Columbus) is an honorary member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.


Cristoforo Colombo was an Italian navigator who was given funding by the Spanish monarchy to attempt to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to make trade with East India. Contrary to popular belief, it was known that the Earth was round and the Earth's general size when Cristoforo made his voyage but what made Colombo unique was that he was considerably bad at math. Cristoforo believed the Earth was significantly smaller than it actually was and that it was shaped like a pear, this is why he wished to cross the Atlantic which was not attempted due to it being seen as too large of a distance to survive in a ship (which had it not been for the Americas it would have been).

Luckily for Cristoforo Colombo, the Americas existed and he landed in the Caribbean which was inhabited by a massive amount of indigenous peoples. Cristoforo Colombo would go on the enslave, murder and assault countless of these people out of greed and evil before spreading diseases foreign to the indigenous which murdered a massive amount of their population. Cristoforo would report on this to Spain and also assist in establishing the infamous Transatlantic Slave Trade while being used as the poster-boy for European settler-colonialism in Americas (the continents themselves he never actually set foot on). Due to this, stories of Colombo's endeavours in the, "New World" would be heavily exaggerated and even outright fabricated as a form of colonial propaganda. He would die in 1506 at the age of 54 of a heart-attack.

Disney Parks[]

Due to colonial-myths regarding Colombo (or "Christopher Columbus")'s journeys to the Americas he was named as one of S.E.A.'s honorary members to represent their ideals of, "Discovery".


Colombo in World of Motion

World of Motion[]

Colombo made an appearance in this EPCOT attraction where he was seen on a Spanish ship looking through a spy-glass only for a monstrous sea-serpent to be staring back at him on the other end.

Fortress Explorations[]

Colombo is one of the historic figures represented in this attraction.


Skipper Canteen[]

Columbus's son Diego Colon is referenced in the Skipper Canteen's library with a book called, "The Fountain of Youth" written by Diego.


  • A map in the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen made by Mary Oceaneer features the, "Kimballum Horriblus" as a legendary creature of the Mediterranean. This creature being the sea-serpent that terrorized Colombus in World of Motion and its name being a tribute to imagineer Ward Kimball who designed the attraction.