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Colonel Critchlow Sunchbench is a character from the Adventurers Club.


Colonel Critchlow Sunchbench was a British military-officer and club glee master for the the Adventurers Club on Pleasure Island during the 1930s.


Adventurers Club[]

The colonel first appeared in this restaurant, represented as a sort of puppet. He would aid in initiating guests into the Adventurers Club by teaching them the club song.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

A photograph of the colonel can be found in Trader Sam's possession with a letter addressed to Sam from the colonel which reads, "Sam, remember that time in Burma? Good heavens, I think I need a G&T just thinking about it. Until the next time we two great explorers are paired...Kungaloosh! -Colonel Critchlow Sunchbench". The colonel is also mentioned in a letter from Pamelia Perkins when she mentions leaving a ventriloquists dummy called Slappy which the colonel is fond of in Sam's possession. Colonel Sunchbench's vynilmation figure is also hidden within the bar.