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Colonel T.R. Clydesdale is a character from the film The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975).


Appearances and allusions[]

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad[]

A poster outside of the Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad mentions Col. Clydesdale as being the founder and owner of the Butterfly Stage Line.[1] This stage-line is mentioned as connecting to St. Louis, Fort Smith, El Paso, San Francisco, Rainbow Ridge, Quake City, Thunder Mesa, and Tumbleweed.


Carolwood Pacific Railroad[]

The Butterfly Stage Line is stated to connect to the Carolwood-Pacific Railway. In real-life, this was a miniature, rideable railroad created by Walt Disney which partly inspired Disneyland's creation.

Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland[]

Rainbow Ridge which the stage-line connects to originates from this attraction.

Phantom Manor[]

Thunder Mesa is the setting for Ravenswood Manor and Big Thunder Island in Disneyland Paris.