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The chest, haunted by Davy Jones' ghost as seen in Dead Man's Grotto on Tom Sawyer Island

The Dead Man's Chest is an object in the Disney Parks mythos.


Pirates of the Caribbean (films)[]

The Dead Man's Chest is an iron-chest which was used by the psychopomp sea-deity Davy Jones to seal away his own heart after he was betrayed by and subsequently betrayed his lover Calypso. The heart of Davy Jones is the only thing capable of killing the captain and whoever possesses the heart can control Jones as their slave. However whoever kills the heart is doomed to take over Jones' role as captain of the Flying Dutchman and is cursed to an eternity at sea as a result.

When the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow wished to escape his debt owed to the captain, he hunted down the chest to the island of Isla Cruces and unearthed it as an attempt at bargaining. Much later, the heart was destroyed by Jack using the hand of his dying friend William Turner Jr. which caused William to become the new captain of the Dutchman while Jones died. Following this around the later 1720s, William carved out his own heart and placed it in the chest to be kept in the possession of his wife Elizabeth Swann.

Jack Sparrow and the chest on Isla Cruces


Oceaneer Lab[]

The Dead Man's Chest is amongst the artifacts acquired by S.E.A.-member Captain Mary Oceaneer for her collection aboard the RV Oceaneer Lab.

Tom Sawyer Island[]

At Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island, Davy Jones' ghost can be heard haunting the Dead Man's Chest found in Dead Man's Grotto. A blacksmith's shop run by William Turner in the 1750s, both on Jackson Island in the Mississippi River is nearby the grotto.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure[]

The Dead Man's Chest appears in Jack Sparrow's dwellings in the Voodoo Alley of Treasure Cove within this ride's queue. However, considering that Davy Jones is a major antagonist within the attraction while the chest is never used, it is likely that the chest is either empty or a replica acquired by Jack.


  • Davy Jones' ghost appeared for many years in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction of Disneyland and Walt Disney World and still appears with Blackbeard in Disneyland Paris. He is mentioned as a euphemism for a watery grave in all versions of the ride.


  • The chest takes its name from a fictional sea-shanty featured in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. The story of this shanty regarded a treasure that 50 men set out to bury only for them to murder one another over it leaving only one survivor.