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The Disney Broadcasting Company or DBC is a fictional organization from the Jungle Cruise.


The Disney Broadcasting Company was a radio-broadcast company in the 20th century, presumably founded and/or owned by Walt Disney or the Walt Disney Company. Amongst its subsidiary airwaves was Awol Airwaves, a radio-service of the Jungle Navigation Company.


Image Character Description Appearances
Albert Awol The radio announcer for the JNC (at least in its Amazon operations) and unofficial, "Voice of the Jungle". Jungle Cruise
Walt Disney


Walther Elias "Walt" Disney was the founder and namesake of Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Productions and WED Enterprises. Disneyland Railroad

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room

Mystic Manor


Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

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The Disney Broadcasting Company would presumably have been founded at some point following 1929 by Walt Disney, and/or his company Walt Disney Productions. Towards the latter-half of the 1930s, the company broadcasted radio frequencies on a global scale with many different airwaves upon it. Amongst them was Awol Airwaves, a broadcast run by one Albert Awol for the international operations of the Jungle Navigation Company. In addition to having received patronage from the JNC and DBC, Awol Airwaves also had benefactors in the form of the airline Aero-Casablanca.

Appearances and allusions[]

Jungle Cruise[]

The DBC is referred to in Albert Awol's broadcasts in the queue for the Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise.