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Dr. Grant Seeker is a character from Dinosaur (Countdown to Extinction).


Dr. Grant Seeker was a palaeontologist and scientist obsessed with dinosaurs who worked for the Dino Institute of Diggs County, Florida in the 2000s. Working under institute director Dr. Helen Marsh, Seeker was involved in the Dino Institute's acquiring of the time-travelling CTX Time Rovers from the company Chrono-Tech. On one mission, Seeker and his team managed to probe an iguanodon in the late-Cretaceous and track it with the decision to bring it to modern-day for science.

However, the tracking signal on the iguanodon only showed the animal's location minutes before the Chicxulub meteor hit Earth, resulting in Dr. Marsh calling off the mission. Behind Marsh's back, Seeker hacked into the institute's computers to hijack a public tour of the Mesozoic and take it to the K-T Extinction event to find the iguanodon. This mission went sour quickly as the team involved were tracked down by a Floridian carnotaurus as the meteors impacted the Earth.

At the last moment, the time-rover found the iguanodon and transported the team to modern-day Florida. The iguanodon however wreaked havoc throughout the institute and eventually escaped to the nearby river where it left Diggs County. Whether Marsh knew about the iguanodon's abduction or not is unknown however Seeker did keep at least the animal's escape from her. In late-December, he tracked down the dinosaur's location to the general area of Disney Springs, Florida.

Appearances and allusions[]

Dinosaur (Countdown to Extinction)[]

Grant appears in the pre-show video of this attraction and his voice can be heard throughout the ride.

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail[]

A poster for the Dino Institute in the town of Disney Springs with a message from Dr. Seeker that is asking for assistance in finding Aladar's whereabouts. The message also conveys that he is keeping the iguanodon's escape a secret from Dr. Marsh.[1]


Dinosaur (film)[]

The iguanodon which Seeker saved from extinction was Aladar, the protagonist of the 2000 Disney animated film Dinosaur.