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Captain Edward Teague is a character from the film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007).



Edward Teague was the son of a woman pirate captain who was a member of the piratical Brethren Court and held the position of Pirate Lord of the Atlantic. Teague himself would become a pirate lord and infamous but somewhat aristocratic pirate as an adult though he was also renowned for his singing and guitar-playing abilities. Edward would hold the position of Pirate Lord of Madagascar while also being appointed the Keeper of the Pirate's Code, leading to to him spending most of his time in the criminal's port of Shipwreck Cove off the coast of South America.

In the 1690s, Edward had an affair with an unidentified woman who he bore a son named Jack Sparrow with. Jack would spend his youth as a sort of apprentice and servant in Shipwreck's Cove and Teague's ships before leaving to become an honest sailor under the East India Trading Company (for a time). In Jack's absence, his mother would die of unknown causes and have her head shrunken with it falling into the possession of Captain Teague. In the late 1720s, Edward took up a pet in the form of a prison dog from Port Royal, Jamaica (Isla Tesoro in the ride) that he saved from warriors on Isla de Pelegestos and who he had keep the keys to the Pirate's Code.

Edward was amongst the Pirate Lords assembled by now Pirate Lord Jack and Captain Hector Barbossa in 1727 to assist in opposing the East-India Trading Company after it gained possession of the Dead Man's Chest allowing them to control the sea god Davy Jones and his ghost-ship The Flying Dutchman. He was amongst the assembly when they chose to go to war with the company and presumably also had his piece of eight taken by Barbossa to free the goddess Calypso. He lead his ship The Troubadour against the British during the final battle of the war against piracy.

The incarnation of Blackbeard of whom Teague is based upon

Development History[]

Edward is modelled after historic pirate Blackbeard from the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Additionally, the name Edward Teague is presumed to be a portmanteau of, "Edward Teach" which was the historic moniker of Blackbeard. Teague was also portrayed by rock-and-roll legend Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones fame as actor Johnny Depp had based his performance as Jack Sparrow after the performer.

Appearances and allusions[]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure[]

Teague's skeleton appears in Treasure Cove's Caves of Misfortune amongst the corpses of other Brethren Court members within this attraction.


Teague's son Jack Sparrow is an established figure in Disney Parks who makes fairly regular appearances and connections.

Oceaneer Lab[]

Artifacts from Shipwreck Cove are found in the possession of S.E.A. member Captain Mary Oceaneer aboard the RV Oceaneer Lab as part of her collection. Crates in the lab indicate Oceaneer running an excavation operation on Shipwreck Cove prior to her marooning in Typhoon Lagoon.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

In the bar of Trader Sam (a character from the Jungle Cruise) is the shrunken head of Jack's mother which was previously owned by Teague.