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Felix Pechman XIII is a character from the Jungle Cruise.


Felix Pechman XIII is a man hailing from Silver Springs, Florida who spent his life plagued by bad luck. He came to work as a skipper for the Jungle Navigation Company, piloting the Kwango Kate. In 1938, JNC owner Alberta Falls had Felix lead a V.I.P tour including the likes of herself, botanist Dr. Leonard Moss, artist Rosa Soto Dominguez, entomologist Dr. Kon Chunosuke of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, and Alberta's cousin Siobhan "Puffy" Murphy.[1]

Due to Pechmen's misfortune, the boat crashed in Africa and the visitors upon it were beached in the African Veldt of the Nile river. The crew was subsequently chased up a tree by an angered rhinoceros with Felix having been stuck at the bottom of the trunk. Felix managed to get away however and got another skipper to aid in finding the lost members of the wreck.

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