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Florida is one of the United States of America.


Notable Locations[]

Blizzard Beach[]

Blizzard Beach was a Floridian beach at the base of Mt. Gushmore which was hit by a freak tropical snowstorm. Following this it was transformed into Florida's first ski-resort only for the Florida sun to melt the snow and ice, destroying this endeavour. After an alligator known as Ice Gator slid down one of the ski-hills like it was a water-slide, this lead the executives to re-structuring it to be a winter-activity themed beach resort.[1]

  • Meltaway Bay: Meltaway Bay is a waterbody at the foothills of Mount Gushmore, presumably being made from the run-off of the mountain's snow.
  • Mount Gushmore: Mount Gushmore is a Floridian mountain with a height of 90 feet. It was the peak primarily used for slope winter sports during the beach's time as a ski resort and also the slope which Ice Gator slid down, sparking the beach's time as a beach resort.

Diggs County[]

Diggs County is a county along the Floridian state-border which during the Cretaceous period held a large number of dinosaurs that were well preserved following the K-T Extinction Event. Millenia later in 1947, it would become a hot-spot for palaeontologist activity leading to the establishment of the Dino Institute.

  • DinoLand, U.S.A.: DinoLand, U.S.A was a roadside town along Route 498 which were serve as home of the Dino Institute. The town itself would turn into a dinosaur themed tourist trap to try and capitalize on the traffic brought by the Dino Institute. This town would also be one of the outposts for the group known as the Wilderness Explorers.
DinoLand, U.S.A.[]
  • The Boneyard: The Boneyard is an excavation site where the remains of prehistoric life are extracted from the earth.
  • Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama: The Dino-Rama is a tourist-trap amusement-park which was founded by an old married couple named Chester & Hester who ran the town gas-station then began profiteering from dinosaur oriented tourism.[2] They were frugal in their business-dealings and made the park in a parking-lot and contained incredibly lacklustre attractions.
  • Cretaceous Trail: Cretaceous Trail is a nature trail outside of the Dino Institute which is home to Mesozoic plant-life and sculptures of different dinosaurs (albeit several are considerably outdated). It is run by the Dino Institute.
  • Dino Institute: The Dino Institute is a building which houses the prestigious organization of the same name. In-addition to making several notable discoveries in the field of archaeology, teamed up with the company ChronoTech to create the time-traveling CTX Time Rovers. These rovers are used for on-site study of dinosaurs along with tours to acquire additional funds for the institute.
  • Theatre in the Wild:

Disney Springs[]

Disney Springs is a sleepy town established at some point in the 19th century around the water-body known as Disney Springs. It was visited by Indiana Jones and his aviator/later SEA member Jock Lindsey in 1938 with Lindsey later moving to the town in 1948.

  • The Landing:
  • The Marketplace:
  • The Springs:
  • Town Centre:
  • West Side:


Epcot with it's listed coordinates on a map

EPCOT is the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, developed as part of Walt Disney's, "Florida Project" and built in the city of Orlando.

  • Imagination! Pavilion:
  • Spaceship Earth:
  • Xandarian Outpost: The Xandarian Outpost or, "Other World Showcase" was an alien outpost created in the 2010s/2020s by the government of the planet Xandar. It housed an elaborate Galaxarium, spaceships, and time-travel technology.
  • World Showcase:

Lake Buena Vista[]

Lake Buena Vista is a city in Orange County, Florida located adjacent to a lake which shares its name.

Silver Springs[]

St. Augustine[]

  • The Fountain of Youth:

St. Petersburg[]

  • Sunken Gardens:


Appearances and allusions[]

Blizzard Beach[]

Dinosaur (Countdown to Extinction)[]

Disney Springs[]

Pirates of the Caribbean[]

Florida is featured on the Mao Kun map as being the location for the Fountain of Youth in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. It comes in the possession of Jack Sparrow on his hunt for the fountain.

Pleasure Island[]

Haunted Mansion[]

In Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion, the Hitchhiking Ghost known as Ezra has a luggage sticker for Florida on his briefcase.

Jungle Cruise[]

The Jungle Navigation Company skipper Felix Pechman XIII hails from Silver Springs, Florida.

Skipper Canteen[]

In the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen, there is a book of photography of Florida by the SEA member Luana Teixeira. Also A book called Native Orange Birds of the Southeastern United States by Dr. Sid Truss appears in the library of the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen, referencing the Orange Bird.

Trader Sam's Grog Grotto[]

On the walls and ceiling of this Polynesian Village Resort bar are banners for multiple Floridian locations in the collection of Trader Sam. These include the Parrot Jungle of Miami, Florida, the Monkey Jungle of Miami, Florida, the Sunken Gardens of St. Petersburg, Florida, and the Silver Springs.[4]

Stitch's Great Escape[]

At the end of this attraction, Stitch used a hijacked Series 1000 teleportation tube from X-S Tech to teleport his way to Central Florida where he began causing havoc.

Tropical Hideaway[]

An oar in this restaurant commemorated Merriweather Adam Pleasure's expedition on the Kissimmee River, complete with the skull of an alligator stuck within the oar from a presumed gator attack.[5]

Typhoon Lagoon[]

Posters in the dwellings of Lagoona Gator's home at the beach on the base of Mount Mayday affiliate him with having done Floridian productions. These references also possibly place Typhoon Lagoon and Blustery Bay in Florida though several other elements (including Miss Adventure Falls) indicate it as being in the Pacific Ocean.[6]

Disney Kingdoms[]

In Disney Kingdoms, Florida is the home to Academy Scientifica-Lucida and their Imagination! Pavilion.


County Bear Jamboree[]

During the Holiday seasons, a poster in Disney Springs is hung up for the Florida company, "Bunny, Bubbles and Buelah's Beautiful Bonnets".[7] Bunny, Bubbles and Buelah are all characters from the Country Bear Jamboree.

Indiana Jones[]