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Fortress Explorations is a walkthrough attraction at Tokyo DisneySea in the Mediterranean Harbor area that opened on September 4, 2001. The attraction was the first appearance of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.


Fortress Explorations Concept Art.jpg

Built at Explorers' Landing in the Italian seaport of Porto Paradiso, Fortress Explorations is the original headquarters of the Society. Serving as a hub of activity in the midst of the Renaissance and Age of Exploration, S.E.A. was established on August 12, 1538 and quickly dedicated itself to exploring and understanding the world.


Focault Pendulum[]

A focault pendulum is suspended under the Fortress's Sundial tower

Illusion Room[]

The Illusion Room features five murals painted on the walls, floor and ceiling that become one seamless scene of a devastating eruption of Mount Prometheus when viewed through a special lens.

Explorers' Hall[]

Explorers' Hall celebrates a number of historical figures in fields of exploration and science. However, many of these figures were deceased before S.E.A.'s 1538 establishment, with promotional materials for Soaring: Fantastic Flight clarifying the group as part of an "Honorary Members" group[1] to acknowledge their influence on the Society's creation and ideals.

Honorary Members with portraits include:

Maps and murals on the walls chronicling the global history of exploration and science feature other figures such as

  • Leif Ericson
  • Marco Polo
  • Henry the Navigator
  • Ibn Batuta Ptolemy
  • Pytheus

Navigation Center[]

The Navigation Center contains a remote-control boat activity allowing guests to navigate sailing ships across an old sea map.

Alchemy Laboratory[]

Located in one of the fortress turrets, the Alchemy Lab is part of S.E.A.'s research into the viability of transmuting common metals into gold and silver and trying to find an elixir of life. The resident alchemist of the laboratory can occasionally be seen roaming the fortress grounds.

Chamber of Planets[]

The Chamber of Planets is an elaborate planetarium containing a moving model of the solar system.

Explorers' Landing[]

At the courtyard lagoon, guests can explore the docked S.E.A. ship Renaissance.


The Fortress is home to three dining locations: A counter-service location named Refrescos, the fine-dining location Magellan's, and the Magellan's Lounge.