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The four families are four households connected in the operation and history of the Jungle Navigation Company as presented in the Jungle Cruise Adventure Game. They are known respectively as the Lyons family, Cruz family, Temple family and the DeNyle family.


The four families are all involved with Dr. Albert Falls' founding and operation of the Jungle Navigation Company. While competitors with one another, they did marry into one another's family-tree from time to time. During the 1930s, the families competed with one another to be left as caretakers of the JNC and Jungle Cruise during a planned absence of company president Alberta Falls.


The crest directory of the four founding families

Little is known about the histories, operations and members of the four families.

Cruz family[]

The Cruz family given their name are likely a family of some Spanish and/or Hispanic descent whose family sigil was a steering-wheel. Their name is a play on the word, "Cruise" as in, "Jungle Cruise" which might imply a connection with the JNC skippers, rivers and/or boats.

DeNyle family[]

This family is likely of some French/franco (and possibly celtic/gaelic) origin whose family sigil was a river. Their name roughly translates to, "Of the passionate" and is a play on the Nile River which is subject to frequent word-play and puns in the Jungle Cruise attraction; possibly inferring an affiliation with the African outposts of the Jungle Navigation Company along the Nile River. Through unknown means, the family was related to the Jones family (specifically Indiana Jones).

Lyons family[]

The Lyons family is a family whose name translates to, "Lion" and is in allusion to the lions seen in the African Veldt along the Nile on the Jungle Cruise. The family sigil of this family was a male lion's head.

Temple family[]

The Temple family's name is in reference to the Cambodian ruins of the Mekong River seen in the Jungle Cruise, their family sigil was a temple. Additionally this temple is referred to as, "Shir Lee's Temple" in reference to famous 1930s child-actress Shirley Temple Black (1928-2014). This might imply the Temple family has some relation to the family of Shirley Temple. Through unknown means, the family was also related to the Jones family; more specifically to specifically Indiana Jones.


  • A doll of Shirley Temple used to appear in the lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel in Disney California Adventure's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.
  • Certain family members are modelled after pre-existing characters connected to the Jungle Cruise:
    • One of the family members belonging to the Cruz and Lyons families was an illustrator who was modelled after imagineer and animator Marc Davis.
    • A member of the Temple and DeNyle families was modelled after an aged Walt Disney, dressed in his sailor outfit from when he drove a Jungle Cruise boat in 1958.[1]
    • A Indiana Jones is shown as a member of the Temple and DeNyle families.
    • A Cruz family member resembles imagineer Tony Baxter in an outfit reminiscent of those which he wore in photos for the development of Indiana Jones Adventure.
    • A member of the Cruz and DeNyle families is modelled after late-actor Humphrey Boggart, specifically as he appeared in Casablanca (1942) as the bartender Richard "Rick" Blaine. This is likely due to the crashed plane in the Jungle Cruise being an allegedly authentic film prop from Casablanca acquired for a Casablanca tableau in the Great Movie Ride.
  • A girl in the Temple family is shown holding a doll of Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog (2008).