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The Funmeister was the moon-faced mascot of Pleasure Island and the inspiration of Merriweather Adam Pleasure's nickname "The Grand Funmeister".


The "Funmeister", as roughly translated ancient Germanic names called him, was an ancient being that drove Merriweather Adam Pleasure to establish Pleasure Island.[1]. This half-moon faced icon, whose roots go back to the barbarians after the fall of Rome, symbolized individuality, the celebration of life, and the sharing of laughter. However, Pleasure's research found that equivalents to the Funmeister could be found across all cultures and continents.

While traveling in Mexico, Pleasure experienced a mystical vision of the Funmeister that told him to travel to Central Florida. In 1911, after bringing his family down the Barge Canal System aboard a steamboat, Pleasure saw an ancient totem of the Funmeister on the shore. There, he met a ghostly Seminole tribe informally known as the "I-4 Indians" that allowed Pleasure to settle on the land as long as he honored the spirit of the Funmeister. He followed these terms through throwing grand celebrations every night, something that would be carried on after the island was reclaimed as a nightclub district decades after Pleasure's mysterious disappearance.

Appearances and allusions[]

Pleasure Island[]

The Funmeister was the basis of Pleasure Island's logo and a cartoon version of him also appeared in marketing material.