George Willikers is a minor character in Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the antagonist of Disney Kingdoms: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. He is the foreman of the mines in Big Thunder Mountain and Barnabas T. Bullion’s right hand man.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad[edit | edit source]

Willikers is referenced throughout the queue at the Magic Kingdom[1].

There is a board of pay rates for workers within the mines. At the bottom, the name G. Willikers - Foreman is printed. The foreman is paid more than the rest of the workers in the mine - at $10.84 a day.

Willikers wrote another note to all of the miners working for the Big Thunder Mining Company, warning that anyone who took an early lunch break would be put onto the graveyard shift permanently.

Williker's log is also visible, cataloging everything that had happened in the area in a few day's time.

Disney Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

George Willikers was the foreman of the mines in Rainbow Ridge. He kept Barnabas T. Bullion in the dark about how dire the conditions in the mine were, against the better judgement of workers like Chandler. His only goal was profit, and he didn’t care who had to die to make that happen. 

He was uncaring of the workers and possibly abusive, as he assaulted Abigail Bullion when he thought she was with the bandits. However, he was also cowardly, backing down when he was angering his boss. It wasn’t until Bullion risked losing the gold that he showed his true colors, shooting at him when he removes a train car of gold to leave Big Thunder Mountain faster. His greed made him a target of the spirit of Big Thunder Mountain, who dragged him off of the train and into the depths of the caverns.

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