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The Goliath Spiders or Man-Eating Spiders are animals in the Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion.


The spiders are giant arachnids with orange and burgundy patterns across their body. They are seemingly hyper-carnivorous and equipped at weaving giant webs. They are native to the Mekong River in Cambodia.

Their identification as, "Goliath Spiders" seems to come from the South American, Goliath Bird-Eaters. These being the largest spiders in the world that are tarantulas.


Jungle Cruise[]

The spiders appear in the Walt Disney World version of this attraction, sitting in webs within the flooded Cambodian temple. In the Disneyland version of the attraction, their webs are visible in the exterior of the shrine. One of the spiders used to appear in this version of the attraction and though it had virtually the same mould it had a different colour-scheme.[1]

Haunted Mansion[]

The spiders used to appear in the Walt Disney World version of the Haunted Mansion and still appear in the Tokyo Disneyland variant of the attraction. They appeared by a stairway where originally they preyed on a man caught within a spider-web.[2] This wailing man would later be removed from the attraction but the spiders remained until 2007 in Walt Disney World with an endless stairway scene.

The spiders in the Jungle Cruise

In the original Disneyland attraction, a similar (potentially of the same mould) spider appeared in a cobweb within the, "Limbo" load-area of the attraction.

Skipper Survival Guide[]

Prof. Herny von Schlit documents an encounter with the spiders on the 9th day of his 1933 journey through Cambodia to study wildlife and ruins of the area for Indiana Jones. The spiders dropped onto his boat in a likely effort to prey on the expedition only to be scared into the water by a torch where they were eaten by crocodiles.