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Hathaway Browne is a character from the defunct Adventurers Club restaurant at Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island at the Walt Disney World Resort. He is an aviator and member of the club.


Hathaway Browne was an aviator during the early 20th century and member of the Adventurers Club on Pleasure Island. He was a handsome and charismatic individual who prided himself on his looks and was considerably narcissistic; even serving as the model for the cereal brand Jinkies. From 1931 to 1936, Hathaway was the winner of the Balderdash Cup which was a competition the Adventurers Club to determine the most intrepid adventurer of each year based off of their stories.

In 1937, Hathaway lost his winning streak of the Balderdash Cup to the underdog new-coming club member Emil Bleehall. By the 1940s, Hathaway became considerably familiar with one Trader Sam and frequently sent Sam letters, photos of himself, and Jinkies cereal boxes. Sam would often provide Hathaway with enchanted alcoholic brews both to drink and to use as fuel for his airplane, "The Gypsy Moth", furthering their friendship.

Browne also befriended a fellow aviator by the name of Jock Lindsey, a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. In 1955, Browne participated in the opening of Jock's bar in the town of Disney Springs, Florida.

Appearances and allusions[]

Adventurers Club[]

Hathaway was a common character at the club. He wore a brown leather coat with a white scarf around the collar, tall brown leather boots, tan pants, a white vest, a blue shirt and a yellow tie. Sometimes, he wore an aviator cap with goggles on top. After the restaurant closed, he has made subsequent appearances at reunions throughout the Disney Parks.

Aunty's Beach House[]

In this room are notes from Pamelia Perkins which identify the character of Dreamy Ka'imi as having been an Adventurers Club member so handsome that his looks surpassed those of Browne.

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

Jock can be seen in photographs hung up in this bar.[1]

Trader Sam’s[]

Letters from Hathaway can be found at both bars. His can be easily identified by his signature - a large H with the middle line elongated.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

A photograph of Hathaway by his plane can be found at the Disneyland Hotel dated to the year 1940, accompanied by a note to Trader Sam. He wrote the following:


Thanks for keeping the tiki torches lit! Would have made for a rough landing that night without them. Until we meet again.

Higher and Faster,

Hathaway Browne"[2]

Another letter with a photograph of Hathaway by his plane reads,

"Sam, thanks for the "high octane" fuel! You put me on the map!...or is it the other way around? Higher and faster, -H"[3]

As mentioned in a letter from Pamelia Perkins, Hathaway gifted Sam a box of Jinkies cereal. Pamelia speculated that it was because he enjoyed other people seeing his face.

When the Enchanted Tiki Bar opened, letters were given out to select guests. One of them was from Hathaway. He wrote that his plane, the Moth, had run out of fuel and he was forced to make a crash landing near Cleveland, Ohio. He did manage to hold onto the kimono he bought for the guests, but the bloodstains probably wouldn’t come out. He promised to be back in the air soon, once he does some welding with his lighter[4].

During the holiday season, Hathaway has a stocking hung up in Trader Sam's bar.[5]

Trader Sam's Grog Grotto[]

A postcard from Hathaway to Trader Sam can be found at the Polynesian Resort. He wrote the following:

"There is a man, a handsome man. As adventurous as he can be. And our friend Trader Sam, actually knows this man… it’s me"[6].

Jungle Cruise[]

When the Magic Kingdom version of the attraction was updated in 2021, the crashed plane was given the lettering "The Amazing Hathaway Browne", presumably being the remains of at least one of the various "The Gypsy Moth"s.