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The Headpiece to the Staff of Ra is an object from Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).


The Headpiece to the Staff of Ra was a staff headpiece used to reveal the location of the Ark of the Covenant in the Well of Souls in the desert of Cairo, Egypt. The headpiece contained instructions on the staff's required height and a jewel which at a certain point of the day would project a light-beam onto a diorama of Cairo that revealed the location of the well.


The headpiece to the staff of ra was constructed in Ancient Egypt to find the location of the Well of Souls. The headpiece was excavated by archaeologist Abner Ravenwood in 1926 who passed it on to his daughter Marion. In 1936, the headpiece was sought after by both the US government via Indiana Jones and the Nazi Party as both governments wished to obtain the ark as a weapon.

Marion and Jones managed to evade the nazis and travel to Cairo though the nazis gained information from one of its sides as gestapo agent Arnold Ernst Toht grabbed the medallion when it was burning hot, engraving its message on his right hand. This lead French nazi archaeologist René Belloq to having the nazis excavate in the wrong part of the desert. Indy and his ally Sallah Mohamed Faisel el-Kahir however found the true location of the Well of Souls through using the staff.

The medallion was likely later returned to Marion when she and Indy started a romantic relationship. At some point after 1955 it was left in the bar of Jones' aviator Jock Lindsey within the town of Disney Springs, Florida. Jock left the medallion in the bar's lost & found.

Appearances and allusions[]

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Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

The medallion appears in the Lost & Found of Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar along with the Peacock's Eye and Atlantean necklace.[1] An illustration of the headpiece appears on a map in the bar overtop of the Himalayas, likely referencing how Indy travelled to the Himalayas to seek it from Marion.[2]

Jungle Cruise[]

The staff of Ra was one of the objects left in the jungle by Indy in the Jungle Cruise overlay for Summer of Hidden Mysteries.[3]


Great Movie Ride[]

The Indiana Jones scene of this attraction took place in the Well of Souls when it was visited by Indiana and Sallah.