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Heracles or Hercules is a Greco-Roman mythological figure featured in Mystic Manor.



Heracles (Hercules in Roman) was the illegitimate Demi-god son of the Olympian god Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene. Due to this parentage, he was made a target by Zeus' wife Hera though not before the infant suckled at her breast and developed super-strength from her milk. Following this and the baby biting Hera, the goddess would become fixated on destroying the boy, resulting in his name Heracles (Greek: The Pride of Hera).

Heracles would grow up to be a warrior and marry a woman named Megara. On their wedding day however, Hera would possess Heracles with a madness which lead to him murdering Megara and their three sons. In the aftermath, Heracles consulted with an oracle for advice on how to make amends with their death though Hera would possess the oracle and instruct Heracles to sell himself into indentured servitude for Hera's worshiper King Eurystheus.

Disney Version[]

In the 1997 film Hercules, Hercules (going by his roman moniker rather than his greek one) is the legitimate son of Zeus and Hera. When he was an infant he was stolen away by his uncle Hades due to a prophecy that he would foil Hades' schemes to overthrow Zeus. Hades intended to have his minions kill the boy with a potion to turn him mortal but Hercules failed to drink the last drop and as a result retained his godly strength before being saved by the farmers Alcmene and Amphitryon.

Appearances and allusions[]

It's a Small World[]

A depiction of Hercules appears in Tokyo Disneyland's version of It's a Small World.

Main Street, U.S.A.[]

In the City Hall of Main Street is a book titled, "Hercules" written by Megara, Hercules' love-interest from the film.[1]

Mystic Manor[]

An Amphora in Lord Henry Mystic's Mediterranean collection features an amphora depicting Heracles engaged in combat with the Nemean Lion. Heracles comes to life following Albert's opening of the Balinese Music Box and fights the lion, causing their amphora to rock.


  • Hercules (1997): Hercules was the protagonist of this animated Disney film in a heavily altered retelling of his story.


  • Greek mythological figures related to Heracles have appeared in other Disney attractions. This includes a statue of Zeus in the Adventurers Club which was known as, "Zeus goes fishing", the nymph Calypso's affiliation with Pirates of the Caribbean, Medusa's portrait in the Haunted Mansion, Hades being the main-antagonist of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and a statue head of Poseidon in Mystic Point.