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Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., better known as Indiana Jones, is the titular protagonist of the Indiana Jones film series. He is a professor of archaeology and an adventurer, collecting artifacts for historical preservation.



Henry Jones Jr. was born in 1899, the son of archaeologist Prof. Henry Jones, Sr. and the adventurous Anna Mary Jones. He was given an above average education by his father but also came to be an eager adventurer from a young age.


In the September of 1908, Indy was brought to Paris, France by family-friend and tutor Helen Margaret Seymour to study art. While at the Louvre, Indy met a 14-year-old Norman Rockwell who took him and Seymour on a young artist's tour of Paris. This took the trio to a bohemian cabaret club called Le Lapin Agile in the neighbourhood of Montmartre. At the drinking-establishment, the three found themselves in the company of historic artists Edgar Degas, Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.

Jones overheard an argument transpiring between Picasso and Degas which resulted in Degas storming out. When Picasso claimed that he could outdo Degas' work, Rockwell rejected the idea resulting in Picasso bringing them all to his studio so he could prove himself right. At his studio, they were impressed by several of Picasso's original works along with his art made to mimic Degas' style.

After this, Jones and Rockwell were invited to accompany Picasso for dinner. While dancing with a prostitute in Picasso's employ, the two boys found themselves marked enemies of the lady's pimps. While walking home, the two were attacked by these pimps and chased into a cemetery. While at the cemetery, the two managed to chase the pimps off by using a skull and cloak to disguise themselves as a phantom and frighten the superstition frenchmen.

The following evening, Jones and Rockwell attended a masquerade party which Picasso was hosting. Due to the adult bohemian nature of the party, Miss Seymour did not wish for the two boys to attend the event however she was occupied when Picasso took her aside to do sketches of her. The following day, Jones made his goodbyes with the artists in la Lapin Agile. After being gifted a sketch by Rockwell which was autographed by Picasso, Jones conned German art-dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler into believing it was an authentic Picasso. Picasso and Rockwell assisted Jones with this con that ultimately profited for 1000 francs.


In 1909, Henry Sr. brought him to British East Africa where the joined with Henry's plantation owning friend Richard Medlicot. The Jones/Medlicot party joined up with the safari of former president Theodore Roosevelt who was there with his own son Kermit to hunt big-game and collect samples for the Smithsonian Museum. On their expedition, Theodore took a liking to Indiana Jones who he taught the skills of marksmanship and hunting along with passing on his ideals of science and conservation.

During this expedition, Jones became invested in finding a lost population of the Fringe-eared Oryx which he succeeded in. When Roosevelt attempted to kill the animals for sport and study, Jones stopped him from doing so and forced Theodore to face his own conservation ideals which the president regretfully did, realizing there were too few oryx left in the world to hunt.



His primary weapon would become a bullwhip and he was constantly wearing a fedora which he acquired on a boyhood mission in 1912 where he fought grave robbers for the Cross of Coronado. Indy lost the cross but was given a fedora by the grave robber who bested him, a hat which he wore for years after.


In 1916, Henry Jr.'s beloved dog Indiana died with Jones renaming himself, "Indiana Jones" after the pet. While in the villistas, Jones became fast-friends with a Belgian cook named Remy Baudouin when Remy saved Jones' life. Indy and Remy would enlist as soldiers in World War I together with Remy in particular being motivated due to the Germans invading his homeland of Belgium. After many adventures and a brief break from the war in Paris, a promoted Indiana arranged for the two men to be transferred to British East-Africa

In the December of 1916, Jones was sent to Africa on an expedition to obtain arms. During this mission, Jones happened upon the humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer who healed many of Jones' wounded comrades. Jones stayed with the Schweitzers in early 1917 during which time he learned philosophies of the reverence for life from Dr. Schweitzer. Ultimately, Schweitzer was apprehended by the authorities and deported to France dooming the indigenous Africans whom he aided to die of tropical diseases.


Following his time with Dr. Schweitzer, the young Indiana Jones joined French intelligence as a means of ending the war without reverting to battlefield bloodshed. Jones was joined in this by his friend Remy Baudouin who became a spy at the Belgian outpost, la Café Noir. Jones was assigned as a reconnaissance photographer to the Lafayette Escadrille squadron. While doing reconnaissance, Jones and his pilot Harold Green were shot down by ace German pilot Manfred von Richthofen, better known as, "The Red Baron".

Indiana Jones was then taken in as a guest in von Richthofen's castle during which time, Indy learned about Germany having prototype-armed zeppelins. Jones took photographs of the German weapons and fled the castle, narrowly avoiding being captured by the Red Baron. Amidst the battle, Indy shot gas canisters which engulfed the German air-field in flames and destroyed the prototype zeppelins.


Around 1918 after the war ended, Jones and Remy reunited in London where Remy also reunited with his wife whom he had only seen for one week in the previous three years. Jones and Baudouin decided on going about a mission to hunt down a legendary diamond known as the Peacock's Eye, a mission which Suzette funded. This mission took the two to Alexandria, the island of Java, and the Trobriand Islands off the coast of New Guinea where Indy gave up hope and abandoned the quest. Remy did not and followed on in pursuing it to Nepal though his further fate is unknown.


In 1925, Indiana finished his studies and became mentored by one professor Abner Ravenwood alongside one Harold "Ox" Oxley. However the two fell out in 1927 when Indiana had an affair with Abner's daughter Marion leading to the two travelling away to the Himalayas.

In 1929, Indiana had his first job as site excavating supervisor in the Jastro Expedition to Iceland under fellow archaeologist Dr. Jastro and alongside archaeologist Sophia Hapgood. While excavating objects belonging to the lost nation of Atlantis, they came upon a necklace which belonged to the Atlantean king Nur-Ab-Sal which was later left in Sophia's possession.


In 1930, Jones became a professor at Marshall College in Bedford, Connecticut. Through the university he would travel the globe searching for archaeological artifacts which he could study and submit to museums.


In 1931, Indiana Jones came to believe that the location of the legendary Fountain of Youth was in an ancient temple in the Lost River Delta of South America in Cusco, Peru. Much to Jones' dismay he only had half of the map leading to the temple while the other half was in the possession of a group known as the League of Adventurers. The two parties managed to locate the temple around the late-May early-July of that year though the league was chased out of it by the temple's Crystal Skull protector spirit (seemingly of no obvious relation to the Crystal Skull beings from the films).

Upon entering the temple, Jones angered the temple deity of the Crystal Skull and he came to be trapped in the temple. Jones would only be saved from the assistance of his assistant Paco who came to open up tours to the temple. One of Paco's jeep tours traversed the temple and found Jones while narrowly escaping the wrath of the Crystal Skull.

By 1932, Indiana Jones came to be enemies with one Prof. Garrett Reed, an amoral archaeologist and former member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.


In 1935, Indiana Jones acquired the urn of Nurhachi which he attempted to trade with Chinese crime-lord Lao Che for the diamond the Peacock's Eye of the Club Obi Wan in Shanghai. This deal went sour leading to Indiana narrowly escaping with his life aboard an airplane heading to India along with Che's girlfriend Willie Scott. In India, Indiana would do battle with the Thuggee Cult and its evil leader Mola Ram who created, "voodoo" dolls of Indiana and his accomplices Short Round and Willie. These dolls would later be sent to Jones' affiliate and (literally) old family-friend Trader Sam to dispose of and avoid further paranormal danger. Sam however would seem to simply hold onto these dolls which continued existing at least into the 1950s.


Jones in the Temple of Sherdil

At some point, Indiana travelled to an oasis in modern India at a site which held a stone temple in tribute to the ancient Hindu tiger god Sherdil. Jones was here to do a lecture on the archaeology of the temple but also began investigating it for its possession of a missing golden piece from the golden rod of Sherdil, as well as a map leading to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Jones would become trapped inside the stone tiger's bust but released through the help of fellow archaeologist Dr. Rachel Flannery who was using Jones' journal. After releasing Jones, Indiana entrusted Flannery with the missing piece of the golden rod of Sherdil only for it to be revealed that she was using him all along to get the piece. After completing the staff, she attempted to kill Jones only for the fight between them to knock her down a pit in the stone tiger's mouth, presumably killing her.

Indiana finally got his hands on the map to the Temple of the Forbidden eye which his ally Sallah completed by having his brother-in-law find its missing piece on the black-market on the June 5 of 1935. In the July of that year, Indiana and Sallah discovered the Temple of the Forbidden Eye in the Lost Delta of India. Here, Jones and the Lost Delta Archaeological Expedition discovered the lost Temple of the Forbidden Eye with some assistance from the Jungle Navigation Company and British Colonial Affairs. To receive additional revenue for their expeditions, British Colonial Affairs had Sallah and Jones conduct tours within the temple, much to Jones' dismay.


The June of 1936, one Henrik Mellberg hired Jones to track down a piece of the Key to the Tomb of the Gods, an artifact which lead to a prehistoric structure that had driven the expedition which found it mad. However, the tomb was also being sought after by the Ahnenerbe, a Nazi faction dedicated to hunting down objects of Germanic ancestral heritage and which was lead by nazi Friedrich von Hassell. Von Hassell had Mellberg assassinated though Jones took his part of the key before it could be obtained by the Ahnenerbe. Mellberg's key was however stolen by Janice Le Roi, a woman archaeologist motivated by profit who was rivals to both Indiana Jones and the Ahnenerbe.

Jones proceeded to track down Beresford-Hope's key in Tibet where it was owned by Francis Beresford-Hope's son Alex Beresford-Hope. Indiana Jones travelled to Tibet with Marcus Brody and Jock Lindsey. Lindsey's plane crashed when its engines stalled forcing the crew to disembark prematurely. While Jock repaired the plane, Brody and Jones became allies with Alex Beresford-Hope and used his fragment of the map to track down the temple to Siberia. The crew travelled to Shanghai and set off for Tibet aboard a freighter only to ambushed by Friedrich von Hassell and the Ahnenerbe while stopping in Japan.

By this point in time, Janice Le Roi had allied herself with the nazis to assist in hunting down the Temple of the Gods with their two thirds of the key. However upon obtaining all three key thirds, Von Hassell betrayed Le Roi before casting both her and Jones adrift at sea. Both archaeologists however had created replicas of the key's map and joined forces to beat the nazis to the temple. In Siberia, Friedrich von Hassell killed Alex Beresford-Hope when he refused to use the key to open up the Tomb of the Gods. Here, many of Hassell's men became possessed and mutated into monsters by the powers within the temple as he opened up the temple and entered the tomb.

Upon reaching the tomb, Jones fought off van Hassell's monstrous nazi soldiers while realizing the scale of horrors within the tomb. To prevent further paranormal occurrences from the tomb, Indiana Jones tossed dynamite into the tomb and destroyed it, presumably killing the nazis inside. Indiana Jones regretted this decision due to his position as an archaeologist with Brody comforting him over the decision.

On July 6 of 1936, while searching for the Jewel of Power within the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Indiana would be lost within the ruins. During this absence, Jones' friend Sallah began hosting tours of the temple much to Indiana's dismay. When one particular group of tourists glared into the cursed eyes of Mara, the temple and its spirits began attempting to kill them only for them to be saved by Indiana who in-turn followed them back to the outside world.

In 1936, Indy fought with Garrett Reed over possession of a golden Peruvian idol which Garrett attempted to sell on the black-market. Indiana managed to take the idol though later lost it to another rival archaeologist named Belloq who had teamed up with the local Hovitos tribe. Later on in this year, Indiana would be enlisted by the U.S.A. government to travel to Egypt and uncover the Ark of the Covenant which was being sought after by the Nazi party out of attempts to create a mystical super-weapon. During this adventure he reunited with his old flame Marion Ravenswood who he reignited a relationship with when he required her father's medallion to find the ark.


Within the following year he and Marion returned to the USA and became engaged only for Indy to leave Marion at the altar. Unknowingly, Indy had gotten Marion pregnant only for the two to break up again and Marion to keep her son's heritage a secret. This child born in 1938 was named Henry III "Mutt" Williams and raised under the belief that his father was late aviator Colin Williams whom had a brief affair with Marion. Mutt was raised by Marion and one Harold "Ox" Oxley, another apprentice of the late Abner Ravenwood who ended his friendship with Indiana after he left Marion.


In 1938, Jones infiltrated the ship Vasquez de Coronado which belonged to the man who claimed the Cross of Coronado from Jones in 1912. While off the coast of Portugal, Jones was captured and ordered to be thrown overboard by the man who recognized their shared history. Jones managed to break free but the ensuing fight combined with the rough seas resulted in the ship going up in flames and villain aboard. Indiana brought the Cross of Coronado back to the USA where Marcus Brody arranged to sell it to a museum.

In 1938, Indy's father went missing on an expedition to find the legendary Holy Grail of Arthurian myth. Using his father's journal, Indy teamed up with fellow archeologist Dr. Elsa Schneider and track his father's location to a Scottish Castle occupied by the nazis. As it turned out, Schneider was working with the Nazis and American billionaire Walter Donovan to try and find the Holy Grail which lead to Indy and his father being caught in a race to the grail against the Third Reich. At the temple of the grail in Hatay, the nazis took the pair captive and forced Jones to recover the artifact in order to heal his father whom the nazis shot.

Jones recovered the grail though tricked nazi sympathizer and business tycoon Walter Donovan into drinking from the wrong cup, resulting in a supernatural death. Following this, Jones healed his father but the party moved the grail past the temple's seal, resulting in the temple's collapse. Indiana attempted to save Elsa from the temple only for her to die in her obsessive desire to obtain the grail, falling into a ravine.

Also in 1938, Indiana Jones and his pilot Jock Lindsey began searching Florida for the Fountain of Youth. Along the way, they spent time in Disney Springs which Jock fell in love with, much to Indiana's annoyance. In this same year, Indiana tracked down the man who took the Cross of Coronado years earlier and reclaimed it from him. He would later learn that his father Henry Sr. was kidnapped by nazis in an attempt to find the Holy Grail to serve as another super-weapon. Indiana subsequently travelled to Europe to hunt down his father and the grail, unaware that he was being monitored by nazis so that they could find the grail themselves.


In 1939, Indiana reunited with Sophia Hapgood to track down the lost nation of Atlantis. Sofia and Jones found Atlantis only for the late Nur-Ab-Sal's spirit to possess Sophia through her amulet to use his ancient machines and turn him into a god through Sophia's body. Jones foiled these schemes however by throwing the necklace into lava, seemingly destroying it and Nur-Ab-Sal.


After Indiana returned from the war, he and Jock travelled to Alaska to take reconnaissance photos of the Aleutian Islands where he discovered an ancient Chinese temple. Jones and Jock were attached by a band of pirates lead by Emerelda Vasquez while meeting up with captain Simon Katanga. While Jock, Jones and Katanga managed to succeed over the pirates, it was this job which had Jock start to lose his spirit for high-stakes adventures and wish to settle down.


In 1947, Indy reunited with Sophia Hapgood who was now employed by the CIA. The two competed with the Soviet Union to hunt down the Infernal Machine, an ancient Babylonian device said to activate a portal to the dimension The Aetherium. During this adventure, Jones and Hapgood rekindled an old romance and were betrayed by Hapgood's employer, CIA operative Simon Turner. Turner trapped Hapgood in the Aetherium where she was once again made the vessel for an ancient spirit, this time the god Marduk who transformed her into a harpy-like monster. Indiana Jones managed to defeat Marduk and save Hapgood from its grasp in the Aetherium. As the Aetherium collapsed after Marduk's demise, Indiana Jones and Sophia romantically embraced and fled the realm.

In the July of 1947, Indiana was recruited once again by the US government to investigate a mysterious crash in Roswell, New Mexico. This crash was of an inter-dimensional vessel resembling a, "Flying Saucer" and contained the remains of an advanced interdimensional being. Jones was however largely kept in the dark on the operation and threatened with treason charges if he stepped out of line. Ultimately, the being's remains were sent to Hangar 51 in Nevada where the Ark of the Covenant was also stored.


In the January of 1948 Jock, started looking for a place to settle down and then chose to permanently settle in Disney Springs and had a large hangar constructed for himself. Jock Lindsey relocated to Disney Springs and opened up a Hangar Bar where he would become a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. From this location, Jock would hold onto a large number of items for Indiana from his adventures such as three, "Voodoo" dolls created by Indian priest Mola Ram in the likenesses of Indiana Jones, Short Round and Willie Scott.

At some point after settling in Disney Springs, Lindsey was wired $500 dollars by Dr. Jones who sent him to Marakesh to track down the Chachapoyan Idol from an unknown party connected to the now deceased Belloq with Lindsey having had succeeded, bringing the idol to his bar.



In 1955, Jock Lindsey transformed his hangar into a hangar bar. Indy frequented the bar along with the likes of Marion, billionaire Howard Hughes, industrialist Howard Stark, aviatrix Pancho Barnes, historic aviator Charles Lindbergh, painter B. Ricci, and several members of the Adventurers Club such as Otis T. Wren, Hathaway Browne and Samantha Sterling.


In 1957, Indiana and his friend George "Mac" McHale were kidnapped by the soviet-union to assist them in finding the Roswell remains kept in Area 51. After finding the skull, Mac betrayed Indy and left with the soviets while Indy had to fight his way out of Area 51. Indy was later found by his now adult biological son, Mutt Williams (neither knowing of their relation) who was sent by his mother to get Indy to help find her and Ox who had likewise been kidnapped by the soviets.

Following clues left by a now mad Ox, Indy and Mutt found the soviets in the jungles of Peru hunting down the lost city of Akator to unlock the mind-control powers of the crystal skull which was in reality, the skull of an inter dimensional alien being. Indy, Mutt, Marion and Ox managed to beat the Soviets to Akator where they returned the skull causing the aliens to leave Earth while Mac sacrificed himself to aid the party in escaping.

Upon returning to America, Indy seemingly started going by the name Henry Jones, Jr. again and was appointed as new dean of Marshall College. Jones also married Marion and took his place as father to Mutt Williams.


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Appearances and allusions[]


Adventureland Bazaar[]

Indiana Jones is alluded to by the genie of Aladdin's Other Lamp. While reading the future, the lamp's genie mentions going on adventures with a famous archaeologist while Indiana Jones' leitmotif plays. He says this in reference to the events of Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

Club 33[]

Jones' bullwhip decorated the exterior of this exclusive New Orleans club during the Tiki Takeover event.[1] In the same vignette was an idol made in the likeness of (but not identical to) the fertility idol.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye[]

Indy is the main character of the Disneyland dark ride. He discovered the location of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, an ancient Bengalese temple to the god Mara.

His excavation ran out of money, so his partner, Sallah, began offering guided tours to pay for it. He traveled deeper into the temple to find lost tourists and the Jewel of Power, but went missing. The tours continued, in hopes that a group could find him.

Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries[]

The Jungle Cruise[]

During the Indiana Jones: Summer of Hidden Mysteries event, objects affiliated with Jones' collection could be found scattered around the Jungle Cruise during this time. This included a life preserver from the CORONADO, the headdress of Mola Ram, Lao Che's diamond, the Cross of Coronado, the Golden Idol of Fertility, the umbrella of Henry Jones Sr., the staff of Ra, Nurhache's urn, the Sankara Stones, Henry Jones Sr.'s journal, Indiana's eagle-scout hat, the crate of the Ark of the Covenant, and a carving for the Crystal Skull found in the possession of Trader Sam.[2]

Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger[]

Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger was a show which ran in the defunct Aladdin's Oasis during the Indiana Jones and the Summer of Hidden Mysteries Event in Disneyland.

Random Acts of Indy[]

Jungle Cruise[]

In the queue for this attraction, Nigel Greenwater mentions Jones' excavations in the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

Skipper Survival Guide[]

Indy is referenced in this cast member guide given to Jungle Cruise skippers. On October 10th, 1937, he visited the Jungle Navigation Company for help in finding the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, and credited them for helping him discover it.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue[]

Jones' whip and fedora make an appearance in luggage passing by G2-9T.[3]

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

Indy is apparently a close acquaintance of Trader Sam. He gifted a whip of his to Sam, which he displayed at the Enchanted Tiki Bar at Disneyland. He thought it would be of use to him, and suggested he see Marion if he has any troubles[4]. Indy asked Sam to destroy something, as referenced in a note from Short Round[5]. Marcus Brody sent a postcard to Sam, asking if he had seen or heard from Indy, since he disappeared[6].

Tropical Imports[]

A crate from Indiana (listed as Prof. Indiana Jones) is seen amongst cargo in this dining-service. The crate is labelled as coming from the Lost River Delta and as being sent to British Colonial Affairs.

Disneyland Paris[]

Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost[]

Indy was an associate of the members of the Explorers Club of Disneyland Paris, once located in what is now Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost. He was investigating the nearby Temple du Péril and frequented the restaurant.

Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril[]

Hong Kong Disneyland[]

Jungle River Cruise: Curse of the Emerald Trinity[]

Indy played a role in the backstory for the Halloween overlay of Jungle River Cruise at Hong Kong Disneyland. He was a rival of disgraced S.E.A. member Professor Garrett Reed. He told the archaeological community of Reed’s exploits - stealing artifacts and selling them for profit. He beat him to the idol in Peru and warned that he was after the Emerald Trinity

Shanghai Disneyland[]

Camp Discovery[]

A July 15, 1931 headline at this camp story tells of how the League of Adventurers joined Indiana Jones's search for the Temple of the Crystal Skull in Cusco, Peru, having discovered two halves of the same ancient map and bringing all terrain jeeps to the site, though Jones was frustrated with the unwanted extra help. The same page of the newspaper also has a story detailing a paranormal disappearance at the Hollywood Tower Hotel.[7]

Tokyo DisneySea[]

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull[]

Walt Disney World[]

The Great Movie Ride[]

Indy made an appearance in the now defunct Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios, carrying the Ark of the Covenant in a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. It should be noted that within the story of this ride, Indiana Jones was a fictional character who riders simply experienced via magically journeying through famous movies.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular![]

A stuntman portrays him in the live show Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! at Hollywood Studios, as well.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar[]

Indy is referenced throughout the themed restaurant. He was travelling through Southern Florida with Jock Lindsey when they discovered Disney Springs, where Lindsey eventually settled down. Mementos from their adventures can be found throughout the bar.

Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper Canteen[]

A book by Indy sits on a shelf at Skipper Canteen, titled The Eye of Mara, as a reference to Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Said book was presumably written by Jones (circa 1938) either investigating the temple or (more likely) detailing his experiences with the temple of Mara. Additionally there is a barrel filled with the, "Backside of Water" which is being sent to Marshal Collage where Jones teaches.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse[]

Indiana's hat and whip are hung on a wall in this Muppet-themed restaurant of World Showcase's USA pavilion.[8]

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue[]

Jones' whip and fedora make an appearance in luggage passing by G2-9T.[9]

Other park media[]

Jungle Cruise Adventure Game[]

Indiana Jones is one of the passengers within this board-game where he is identified as being a relative of the Temple family and DeNyle family. These houses being two of the four founding families of the Jungle Navigation Company with one being left as caretaker of the company by Alberta Falls.


Adventure Isle[]

Indiana Jones worked to locate the Temple with the Forbidden Eye alongside the League of Adventurers.

Adventure Trading Company[]

The name Henry Jones is written in the log-book of members for the Adventure Trading Company. This however would more likely have been written by Indy's father Henry Jones, Sr. however given how Indy legally changed his name to Indiana, wouldn't have had incentive to sign it as Henry and how there is no annotated Jr..


Fortress Explorations[]

Indiana's aviator Jock Lindsey would become a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers in the mid-20th century. Jones' late-rival Garrett Reed was also a member of SEA who had his membership revoked from the group by one Lord Henry Mystic.


  • In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indy makes a comment about not believing in the supernatural however he is shown facing overtly paranormal elements prior to the events of this film in: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye and Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull.

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