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Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger was a show which ran in the defunct Aladdin's Oasis during the Indiana Jones and the Summer of Hidden Mysteries Event in Disneyland.


The Bengalese temple of Sherdil was created as a tomb and place of worship for the tiger-god Sherdil, a fusion of the Hindu god of war Kartikeya and human mortal who defeated him in combat. The temple housed the Golden Rod of Sherdil which was crafted from the hunter's rod but with Kartikeya's tiger idol and held great mystical power. At some point the temple would be lost to the jungle and remain missing for centuries.

At some point prior-to/circa 1935, the temple was rediscovered by archaeologist Indiana Jones who journeyed into the temple to find the Golden Rod of Sherdil. After venturing past the jaws of Sherdil's statue, Indiana would go missing until he was discovered by the  Secrets of the Stone Tiger Revealed! lecture-tour lead by fellow-archeologist Dr. Rachel Flannery. Rachel and the tour-group would use Jones' journal to assist in his freedom only for it to be revealed that Flannery was a villain that was using Jones to gain the power of the Golden Rod of Sherdil.

A fight proceeded to enfold within the temple between Flannery and Jones over the rod which ended in Indiana knocking her down the jaws of the Stone Tiger to her presumed death.


Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye[]

For unknown reasons the temple contained a map to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye which Indiana made off with at the end of the show.


  • The Temple of Sherdil was made from the now-defunct Aladdin's Oasis restaurant. Sherdil's statue was a re-theme of a statue which typically portrayed the Cave of Wonders from the film Aladdin.