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The Interdimensional beings is a conjectural name for an alien species from the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2007).


The Interdimensional beings are a species of technologically and physiologically advanced entities. They resemble stereotypical, "Roswell Grey" aliens from 20th century American pop-culture and are inferred to be their inspiration. They had an average height of 9' and had elongated preparations with no hair. Their skeletons were crystalline with a magnetic property which channeled their telepathic abilities.


The crystal skull of the beings

The Interdimensional Beings hail from a dimension between space as relative to humans. They had advanced technology resembling flying saucers which could be used to access different dimensions. They travelled different dimensions, studying lesser life-forms and acquiring objects similar to human archeologists.

Thirteen of them encountered ancient mesoamericans whom they gave knowledge such as astronomy, agriculture, and engineering. The Ugha people who worshiped them as gods and built the golden city of Akator (or El Dorado) in their tribute. Through unknown means, these thirteen beings would revert to their skeletal forms and be relatively dormant for ages.

In the 16th century, conquistador Francisco de Orellana found Akator and stole one of the crystal skulls. When the telepathic abilities of the skull compelled him to return it, he was murdered by his own men and the skull was buried with him in Nazca, Peru. As a result of this, the 13 beings were unable to leave Earth until the skull was restored.

In 1947 AD, one of the flying saucers of this race crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Amongst the investigators recruited to investigate the wreckage was archaeologist Indiana Jones though he was kept largely in the dark. Following an investigation, the US government faked the crash as a weather balloon accident and sent the remains of the being inside the saucer to Hangar 51 in Nevada.

In 1957, Indy's old contemporary under Dr. Abner Ravenswood, Harold "Ox" Oxley set out to find Akator. Ox uncovered the Crystal Skull however gazed into its sockets for too long and was driven insane. Ox started to communicate telepathically with the interdimensional beings and sent letters to his close friend Marion Ravenwood to come to Peru and help him in his mission. Both however were later kidnapped by agents of the Soviet Union who were seeking out Akator to use the many crystal skulls within to conquer the world.

Also in 1957, Indiana and his friend George "Mac" McHale were kidnapped by the soviet-union to assist them in finding the Roswell remains kept in Hangar 51. After finding the skull, Mac betrayed Indy and left with the soviets while Indy had to fight his way out of Area 51. Indy was later found by his now adult biological son, Mutt Williams (neither knowing of their relation) who was sent by his mother to get Indy to help find her and Ox who had likewise been kidnapped by the soviets.

Following clues left by a now mad Ox, Indy and Mutt found the soviets in the jungles of Peru hunting down the lost city of Akator to unlock the mind-control powers of the crystal skull which was in reality, the skull of an inter dimensional alien being. Indy, Mutt, Marion and Ox managed to beat the Soviets to Akator where they returned the skull causing the aliens to leave Earth while Mac sacrificed himself to aid the party in escaping.

Appearances and allusions[]

Jungle Cruise[]

During the Indiana Jones and the Summer of Hidden Mysteries event, Trader Sam was shown in possession of a stone tablet depicting the crystal skulls as shown in the film.[1]


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad[]

A letter from Jason Chandler to Barnabas T. Bullion's Tumbleweed address makes reference to how the two members of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers travelled to El Dorado on one adventure.


  • Close Encounters with the Third Kind: The inter-dimensional aliens look nearly identical to the aliens from this Steven Spielberg film and are shown using near identical space-ships.
  • E.T.: In Akator is a sculpture depiction of E.T. from this film.
  • Lilo & Stitch: Former CIA agent Cobra Bubbles mentions another incident at Roswell occurring in 1973. This incident involved the United Galactic Federation coming to Earth for unknown reasons.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull[]

The main-antagonist of this attraction is another Crystal Skull who might be connected to the interdimensional beings. This Crystal Skull is the ancient protector of the Fountain of Youth and Temple of the Crystal Skull in the Lost River Delta of Cusco, Peru. It had a sentience while in its skull state in addition to being able to manipulate plasma. Jones ran afoul of this skull in 1931 while excavating its temple with his assistant, Paco.

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

The inter-dimensional beings themselves are not alluded to in this bar. However, George McHale who aided both Jones and the soviets in finding Akator and the Atomic Cafe not far from where the US stashed their crystal skull are.

Star Tours[]

Golden sculptures depicting C-3PO and R2-D2 are located within the city of Akator.[2]


  • In real-life, crystal skulls were hoaxes created by jewellers in the 19th centuries which they claimed to be of mesoamerican, pre-columbian origins.