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Doctor J.L. Baterista was a member the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.


Dr. J.L. Baterista was a man born at some point in the early-mid 19th century. At some point in time he became a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers where he became friends with one Lord Henry Mystic. Baterista also received a doctorate at some point in time. Around 1898, he gave fellow SEA member Captain Mary Oceaneer a hat as a present for her vessel the RV Oceaneer Lab.

In 1899, an aged Baterista attended a New Year's Eve party thrown by SEA-member Harrison Hightower III within the Hotel Hightower of New York City. That night, Hightower was murdered by the deity Shiriki Utundu resulting in the hotel being closed down. In 1906 he travelled down the Congo river of Africa in an expedition later celebrated by the S.E.A..[1]

Appearances and allusions[]

Bengal Barbecue[]

A miniature version of the Mystic Manor portrait depicting an aged Baterista appears on a shelf in this restaurant.

Mystic Manor[]

Baterista first appeared as a portrait in the attraction's queue and within the 1899 Hotel Hightower Meeting painting that has since appeared in other locations.

Oceaneer Lab[]

Baterista donated a captain's hat to Mary Oceaneer so that she could display it in her ship. It can be found on board the ships of the Disney Cruise Line.

Tropical Hideaway[]

One of the oars on the SEA wall commemorates Baterista's 1906 voyage on the Congo River.


  • Dr. Baterista is a caricature of Joe Lanzisero, the Imagineer in charge of the Mystic Point project.
  • Joe Lanzisero was 57 when Mystic Manor was created and is likely this age as depicted in his Mystic Manor profile portrait.[2]