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Jane Porter is a character from Tarzan.


Disney version[]

Jane Porter was an eccentric, adventurous and virtous artist in the 19th century who was the daughter of Professor Archimedes Q. Porter. At some point in time she travelled with him to the Congo to study gorillas only for her to be separated from the group and attacked by a large group of baboons. Jane was narrowly saved by the, "Ape-man" Tarzan who she began a romance with and took to educating about human culture. By the end of the film she and her father chose to stay in the jungles so Jane could marry Tarzan . They all subsequently lived together within a treehouse that was built 20 years earlier by Tarzan's human parents.

Appearances and allusions[]

Jane riding Tantor in the Great Movie Ride

Great Movie Ride[]

Jane made an appearance within this attraction as she was portrayed by Maureen O'Sullivan from the film Tarzan the Ape Man where she was named Jane Parker. In this attraction she sat on the back of the elephant Tantor as Tarzan swung over the heads of riders.

Tarzan's Treehouse[]

A figure of Jane appears in this walk-through attraction, portraying her making illustrations of Tarzan during her time educating him about human culture.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

In Trader Sam's bar there is a photograph of a live-action Professor Porter and Jane standing together in the jungle. With it is a note from Sam which reads,

"Professor Porter, and his daughter Jane, begin their expedition into the unknown jungles in search for gorillas".


Adventure Trading Company[]

On this game, the Treehouse Juju is earned by finding petroglyphs in the trunk of Tarzan's Treehouse. An article in this newspaper by "Tallahassee” Glover reports on how the Adventure Trading Company's newly found, "Treehouse Juju" can be used to decode the ancient petroglyphs of the treehouse. In this article, José from Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room was consulted to little avail with Shrunken Ned also being consulted and responding, "Ah yes, I’ve seen this Juju before, I used to have one. I would wear it around my neck. Bus as you can see, that has become rather hard these days!".

Jungle Cruise[]

The gorillas from Tarzan hold some connections to those from the Jungle Cruise and might be of the same troop as both presumably live in the same region of the Congo. In Hong Kong Disneyland's version of the Jungle Cruise, a nearby radio plays the song, "Trashin' the camp" which comes from the film Tarzan from a scene where the film's gorillas performed a similar act. One of the gorillas in Disney's Tarzan homages the Jungle Cruise when it examines a rifle by holding its barrel to their face, an action taken from the gorillas of the ride.


  • There is a common rumour that Jane's animatronic (or its face) from the Great Movie Ride was recycled in Pirates of the Caribbean for the pirate Redd of the Wicked Wench. While the figures' faces do bare a resemblance to one another, this is highly unlikely given that the Redd animatronic has large amounts of movement and fluidity while Jane's animatronic barely moved and likely wouldn't have a face compatible with Redd's machinery as a result.