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Jessica Rabbit is a character from the book Who Censored Roger Rabbit and its 1988 film-adaptation Who Framed Roger Rabbit.



Jessica was a cartoon woman from Toontown in California who frequently worked for Maroon Cartoons. Jessica came to fall in-love with fellow toon Roger Rabbit due to his ability to make her laugh. In addition to working as an actress, Jessica worked as a singer in the Ink & Paint Club.

Jessica came to be blackmailed by Maroon Cartoons president R.K. Maroon with the threat of Hollywood black-listing if she did not have an extra-marital affair with ACME Corporation founder Marvin Acme. This affair was photographed by P.I. Eddie Valiant who had been hired by maroon to take photos of them together as the rumours surrounding it was making Roger anxious. In reality however, the affair was arranged to give Roger a motive in wishing ill on Acme as later that night Acme was murdered with a safe to the head by the corrupt Judge Doom.

Judge Doom wished to claim Acme's ownership to Toontown so that he could bulldoze it to create a highway through his corporation Cloverleaf Industries. When Eddie and Roger teamed up to prove the rabbit's innocence, Jessica followed them to keep Roger safe via knocking him unconscious with a frying-pan and putting him in the trunk of her car. When Judge Doom assassinated R.K. Maroon to silence him, Eddie believed Jessica to be the culprit and chased her to Toontown.

In Toontown, Jessica saved Eddie's life from Doom and revealed the judge's role in the story to him. Jessica and Eddie subsequently teamed up to defeat Doom only for her and Roger to be taken captive by the judge and his deputized, "Toon Patrol". Jessica and Roger were nearly murdered with a, "DIP Machine" created to spread paint-thinner through Toontown only for Eddie to save them in an encounter where he killed Doom and his weasels.

Appearances and allusions[]

Disney's Hollywood Studios[]

Echo Lake[]

Jessica appears on a billboard for Maroon Cartoons alongside Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman in the Echo Lake section of Hollywood Studios.[1] It is allocated directly overtop of Peevy's Polar Pipeline, a dining service run by the character of Peevy from The Rocketeer.

Loony Bin[]

Jessica's park weenie of Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island[]

A giant sign of Jessica served as the, "Weenie" and an icon for Pleasure Island along with the neon words, "Pleasure Island tonight!". This sign was located overtop of the lingerie store Jessica's of which Jessica Rabbit was the namesake.[2] It is unknown if this sign was connected to SEA member Merriweather Adam Pleasure's reign of the island or the Walt Disney Company's refurbishment of the isle.

Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin[]

Jessica Rabbit appears in this attraction, being kidnapped by the Toon Patrol before fighting some of them off with a mallet from the Gag Factory while the rest are defeated by Roger. References to pre-production of the Disney film Melody Time in the queue place the events of this attraction from late 1947 or 1948.[3]


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad[]

The defunct Big Thunder Ranch in Disneyland sometimes had a framed painting of Roger Rabbit in it.[4]

Disney Springs[]

In the Co-Op Marketplace of Disney Springs, Florida is a board mentioning the town having an airline which connects to Jessica's home of Toontown.[5]