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Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar is a drinking and dining establishment inspired by the Indiana Jones films located at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney), Walt Disney World.

Opened September 22, 2015, the bar is themed as the former hangar and home of Jock Lindsey with aircraft memorabilia and correspondence with Indiana Jones which decorate the building.

Backstory  []

While helping Indiana Jones on his search for the Fountain of Youth in 1938, the two traveled through Florida on their quest, including a stop at Saint Augustine's Fountain of Youth roadside attraction, which Doctor Jones was not too pleased by. During one of these flights, the two flew over the clear waters of Disney Springs, which Jock found so beautiful that he decided to eventually build a home there at 1138 Seaten Avenue in 1948. Jock later opened his Hangar Bar there in 1955.


Sometime before the opening of the Bar, Jock Lindsay had been induction into the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, and uses the club as a gathering place for his fellow members.

Adventurers Club[]

Among the Lost and Found items within the club is a passport belonging to Samantha Sterling, a member of the Adventurers Club. Members of the Club can also be seen in a photograph taken on the bars opening night. The statue Babylonia from the club is within Jock's collection of artifacts.[1] The ice machine is also said to be made by the Yakoose Ice Co., an allusion to the character of the Yakoose from the club.


There are scrapped airplane parts in this bar with the logo of Skipper Riley, the anthropomorphic airplane and deuteragonist of the film Planes (2013).[2]

Disney Springs[]

There are many references to the story of Disney Springs within the bar.

  • The drink, "The Mayor's Reserve" is attributed to being a drink made by Jock reserved for the mayor of Disney Springs.
  • There are town newspapers from, "The Source Gazette" which are hung on the wall. They mention locations and services such as the Springs Rail Line,

Indiana Jones[]

Along with revolving around an Indiana Jones character, several other tributes and references to the franchise can be found.[3]

  • The Fertility idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark is on a shelf.
  • Mola Ram's voodoo dolls from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • On the wall is a map with red lines highlighting the different places Indiana adventured in the films.
  • Marion Ravenwood's medallion is seen in the lost and found.
  • The Peacock diamond from Temple of Doom is also found in the lost and found.
  • Jock's boat is named after his pet snake Reggie.
  • There is a letter from one, "Diego" sent to Jock giving him advise on finding the Fertility Idol from before the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It makes an indirect reference to Belloq from the films.[4]
  • There is a sign noting that artifacts are not a currency in the bar. Said sign has an illustration of the Holy Grail from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on it.

Jungle Cruise[]

In this bar's lost & found is a collection of umbrellas next to a shrunken head, possibly referencing Chief Nah-Mee having been a past patron of the bar. The logbook also has reference to a Jungle Navigation Company skipper having given Jock a tour of Schweitzer Falls in 1943, inspiring the Safari Sangria.[5]

Jurassic Park[]

There is the tooth of a Tyrannosaurus-Rex on display which is said to be a gift from, S. with the message, "Thanks for getting me off the island". This is an allusion to director Steven Spielberg who directed the Indiana Jones films as-well as the film Jurassic Park (1993) where scientists in the 1990s create an island theme-park with genetically engineered dinosaurs.

Marvel Comics[]

There is a non-diegetic reference to the Marvel comics character of Iron Man where a red airplane's fin has a sigil of a metal robot on it with the words, "Iron Human" underneath albeit with the H and U being blotted out by ink, making it say, "Iron Man". A name tag for one, "Howard S." also appears in the bar, seemingly alluding to Iron-Man's father Howard Stark.

Pirates of the Caribbean[]

A book on a shelf in the bar is called, "Dead men tell tales", an allusion to the quote, "Dead Men Tell no Tales" which is repeated in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The Rocketeer[]

Jock is shown to be in possession of coasters from the South Seas Club featured in the film. A banner for Bigelow’s Air Circus performing in 1938 in Chaplin Airfield, Los Angelos is hung on one a wall with later Society of Explorers and Adventurers member Jock Lindsey having been a part of the Air Pirates Circus which participated in it. A poster for the circus can also be found for an October of 1939 performance which not only featured Jock Lindsey, but also Cliff Secord himself.

Star Tours[]

One of the airplanes turned into an aisle of the bar has the markings, "RTO D-2" and, "RXE 2-4" referencing R2-D2 from Star Wars and RX-24 from Star Tours. It is worth noting that on one of the shelves is a 1940s Rolls Royce Derwent jet engine. This prop is notable as in the Star Wars films it was used to portray drink dispensers in the Mos Eisley Cantina and the head of robot bounty-hunter IG-88.

Submarine Voyage[]

The Source Gazette from 1955 features an article on the rough launching of the, "Submarine Nautilus".[6] This is a reference to the USS Nautilus (SSN-571) which departed for the North Pole in 1955, inspiring the attraction Submarine Voyage which included a fictionalized depiction of the ship.