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Joseph "Joe" Rohde is a real world adventurer and Imagineer who worked at Walt Disney Imagineering.



Disney Parks contributions[]

Disney Parks[]

"Joe" was a biologist and author well known for his eccentric earrings and dangling ears. He was seemingly affiliated with the quasi-immortal barkeep Trader Sam as when Sam obtained a tribal mask with similar earrings, he named it, "Joe". It is possible that Joe survived into the 22nd century and had some connection to the Pandora Conservation Initiative on the alien moon of Pandora.

Appearances and allusions[]

Most allusions to Rohde in the Disney Parks do not refer to him specifically as a character in the Parks mythos.

Africa (Disney's Animal Kingdom)[]

There is a poster advertising beads and masks from a Harambe resident named, "Jorodi".[1]

Avatar: Flight of Passage[]

Rhode's handprints are inside the Pandora Conservation Initiative's base in this attraction. These handprints are alongside those of fellow adventurer and filmmaker James Cameron and film producer Jon Landau.

Expedition Everest[]

In the Yeti Temple of Serka Zong there is a mural of the yeti which has its face modelled after Joe Rhode's face.[2]

Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission BREAKOUT![]

In the office of the Collector's fortress is a book by Rohde titled, "Migration Patterns of Earth's Avifauna".[3]

Skipper Canteen[]

There are two books by Hotel Hightower owner Harrison Hightower III in the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen, MINE!, Treasures of the Animal Kingdom,and Everest Expedition: Search for the Yeti. These are both tributes to Disney's Animal Kingdom which Rohde worked on.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

There is a mask in Trader Sam's bar which has Rohde's earring and which is labelled as, "Joe".[4]