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Jujus are objects from the Adventure Trading Company.



Jujus are items from West African beliefs which are infused with magical energy.

Disney Parks[]

The Jujus are talismans which were obtained and distributed by the Adventure Trading Company, a trading operation which was established at some point during or prior to the 15th century. Each of the jujus were awarded when someone represented a specific trait or virtue which the Adventure Trading Company held in high regards.


Image Name Description
Bird Juju The Bird Juju was used to represent observation and was modelled after a macaw.
Elephant Juju The elephant juju was modelled after an elephant using a design which was also used in ancient Hindu shrines within Cambodia.[1] The Elephant Juju was used to signify the skill of tracking.
Eye of Mara Juju This juju was a representation of the, "Forbidden Eye" of the goddess Mara, a wrathful goddess in the Lost Delta of India. This juju was used to represent knowledge.
Pineapple Juju The pineapple juju represented goodwill and was given to those who took goodwill ambassador oaths.
Pirahnahahaha Juju This juju was modelled after a piranha and was used to represent humour.
Skull Juju This juju was modelled after a human skull with designs on it.
Snake Juju The snake juju represented courage and was made in the likeness of a curled cobra.
Tiki Mask Juju This juju was carved in the likeness of Koro, the Tiki god known as, "The Midnight Dancer". The Tiki Mask Juju was used to represent friendship.
Treehouse Juju The Treehouse Juju was a wooden talisman which depicted the Disneyondron treehouse of the Swiss Family Robinson on the isle of New Switzerland. The Treehouse juju was used to represent discovery.

Appearances and allusions[]

Adventure Trading Company[]

In the Adventure Trading Company, the jujus serves as Mcguffins for guests to obtain via special missions. These missions included:

  • Bird Juju: Earned by photographs of potential bird entertainers for Tiki Kiki Serbano of the tabloid, The Bird Call.
  • Elephant Juju: Obtained via tracking down a shipment of elephant jujus lost by the Jungle Navigation Company.
  • Eye of Mara Juju: Earned by deciphering, "Maraglyphics" excavated from the Temple of Mara by Indiana Jones and the Lost Delta Archaeological Expedition.
  • Pineapple Juju: Obtained through taking oaths to become a Goodwill Ambassador of Adventureland.
  • Piranhahaha Juju: A juju earned by learning jokes from fired JNC skipper Skip Documentary and telling it to his past-employers to get him his job back.
  • Skull Juju:
  • Snake Juju: Earned by traveling to the restaurant Bengal Barbecue and drinking Venomade, a beverage created by blending snake eggs with cobra venom.
  • Tiki Mask Juju: A juju earned by finding Trader Sam's recipe for the, "JujuJuice" that was lost by employees of his bar.[2]
  • Treehouse Juju: Obtained by tracking down petroglyphs in the base of Tarzan's Treehouse in the Congo following press surrounding the glyphs in The Daily Gnus newspaper.

Skipper Canteen[]

In the Skipper Canteen there is a book titled, "Traditional juju charms" by an author named MacGuffin, referencing the how the jujus served as McGuffins in the Adventure Trading Company. An elephant, snake, bird, and piranhahaha juju are also located within the bulletin-board of the canteen's mess-hall.[3]


Indiana Jones[]

Jungle Cruise[]

Dr. Albert Falls was a past recipricantt of the Elephant Juju. The Jungle Navigation Company was also employed by the Adventure Trading Company to move a shipment of elephant juju which they subsequently lost.

Mystic Manor[]

Lord Henry Mystic was recipricantt of an Elephant Juju.

Swiss Family Treehouse[]

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room[]