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The Jungle Explorers' Society is an organization featured in the Tales from Adventureland book series.


The Jungle Explorers' Society was an adventurers organization active in the 1930s with a strong association with the Jungle Navigation Company that was created to safeguard dangerous artifacts of a supernatural nature from those that would seek to abuse their powers. Such a threat would emerge when a splinter group called the Collective emerged out of their ranks seeking to use these supernatural powers for world conquest. The Society also published a nature photography journal as a cover for their activities for the public.

The various supernatural artifacts hidden by the Society were each associated with a matching key generally hidden at another J.E.S. site, with a Keymaster being tasked with keeping track of these locations and ensuring their protection. Until 1938, Nedley J. Lostmore served as the Society's Keymaster, until being ambushed by the witch doctor Bungalow Bob, who turned him into an undead shrunken head. After arranging a fake funeral to have his enemies believe Bungalow Bob's attack was fatal, Ned appointed his grandson Andy Stanley as the Society's new Keymaster.



  • Author Jason Lethcoe initially wanted to use the Society of Explorers and Adventurers in his books, but Disney refused to let him, resulting in the J.E.S.'s creation. However, material related to the books Lethcoe released on his now defunct "Adventure Cereal" blog do show that he considers Shrunken Ned and Rusty Bucketts as having dual membership in S.E.A. and J.E.S.