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Kevin is a character from the film Up.


Kevin is a rare species of large, flightless bird that inhabits the Paradise Falls region of Venezuela. In the 1930s, a member of her species was hunted by explorer Charles Muntz, killed, and brought back to Western civilization. The animal's skeleton was however believed to be a hoax by scientists leading to Muntz having been stripped of his rank. Because of this, Muntz returned to the falls under hopes of finding the cryptid bird and proving its existence.

Appearances and allusions[]

Disney Explorers Lodge[]

Kevin is the namesake and logo for the Kevin Garden at Disney Explorers Lodge.[1] Designs of Kevin and her babies are also part of the furniture in the resort.[2]

Wilderness Explorers[]

Kevin makes physical appearances around the Discovery Island of Disney's Animal Kingdom where she is accompanied by Wilderness Explorers.[3]


Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

Kevin's home of Paradise Falls is referenced in Trader Sam's bar where the jar belonging to Carl and Ellie is in his possession.