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Kidagakash Nedakh, better known as Kida Nedakh, is the deutertagonist of the 2001 Disney animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire and its sequel Atlantis: Milo’s Return. She is the princess-turned queen of the Atlanteans and the lost city Atlantis.


Kida Nedakh was the daughter of King Kashekim and his wife, the Queen of Atlantis. When she was a young girl, Atlantis was hit by a giant tsunami. Her mother was taken by the Heart of Atlantis to protect the city. As the centuries passed, Kida became more curous about what the heart was, and wished to be able to read Atlantean so she could find out.

In 1914, she discovered that a group of explorers had come to Atlantis. She instantly connected with Milo Thatch, as he’s the only one who can speak their language. She welcomed them to Atlantis, believing that they could help restore the city to its former glory. Though her father is hesitant, he allowed them to stay for one night.

Kida took Milo down to the old ruins, so he could translate the Atlantean for her. He told her that the Heart of Atlantis was the power source of the city and that was what took her mother away. When they resurfaced, Commander Rourke got them at gunpoint and forced them to take them to the Heart, so they could sell it. When they got there, Kida bonded with the Heart, and was captured.

After she was rescued, Kida became the Queen of Atlantis, following her father’s death. She helped restore Atlantis and teach the people about their culture, using the power of the Heart of Atlantis. She briefly left Atlantis and discovered how vast Atlantean culture’s reach was. Eventually, she and Milo were married.


  • Kida was available for meet and greets when the film was released, but was phased out afterwards. She has made sporadic appearances in the Disney Parks in recent years, thanks to the film’s cult status, mainly at special events and parties.
  • Kida was once a candidate to join the Disney Princesses, but after her film underperformed, she never did. She did make some appearances in merchandise, alongside the other princesses.