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The League of Adventurers is an adventurer organization featured at Shanghai Disneyland's Adventure Isle, with much of their history being chronicled in the Camp Discovery attraction.



  • Adventure Isle, South America:


Established in the 1920s, the League of Adventurers is a globe-trotting organization dedicated to scientific and archeological studies and expeditions.

In 1930, the League would introduce their Fixed Ropes Transit System (abbreviated as F.R.T.S.) through an installation at Mount Hua in China to make traversing the mountain safer and easier. During this time, they would also establish a F.R.T.S. system in the Himalayas, running afoul of the Yeti of the Forbidden Mountain during this expedition.

In 1931, an archeological team from the League and Indiana Jones discovered the Temple of the Crystal Skull in the Lost River Delta. However, they ran into trouble with the temple's booby traps and had to be bailed out by Doctor Jones.

In 1932, shortly after establishing a submersible program with the submarine "Odyssey", they would embark on an expedition to Atlantis for Whitmore Industries, the first time Preston B. Whitmore would go public with what the 1914 expedition really found down there.

In 1935, their airship "New Horizons" was driven off course and ended up landing on Adventure Isle, where they would end up establishing friendly relations with the local Arbori tribe. In the time since then, they have established a base at Camp Discovery to explore the caverns and cliffs of the mountains and work on excavating ancient Arbori ruins and have established a rafting expedition course on Mt. Apu Taku.


Image Name Description Appearances
Cooter Carter engineer
Kiki Giannopolou volcanologist
Mariana Trench oceanographer and geologist
Ollie Auchsindfrei cartographer
Charles Muntz Pioneer Explorer par Excellence Up, Camp Discovery
Preston B. Whitmore Corporate Sponser Atlantis, Camp Discovery

Appearances and allusions[]

Adventure Isle[]

Camp Discovery[]

Roaring Rapids[]

Soaring Over the Horizon[]


Atlantis: The Lost Empire[]

Expedition Everest[]

Photos of the Yeti accompany a news story of the League running afoul of the beast while establishing a Fixed Rope Traverse System through the Himalayas. It is worth noting that this would be roughly concurrent with the events that lead to the Royal Anandapur Tea Company railroad's initial closure.

Indiana Jones[]

A July 15, 1931 headline story tells of how the League of Adventurers joined Indiana Jones's search for the Temple of the Crystal Skull in Cusco, Peru, having discovered two halves of the same ancient map and bringing all terrain jeeps to the site, though Jones was frustrated with the unwanted extra help.


A story about the League's expedition to Antarctica describes the use of their airship the New Horizons to deploy the sled dogs to Wilkes Station notes that much of Cooter Carter's "Aerial K-9 Deployment" techniques are borrowed from those of explorer Charles Muntz despite his boasting.


  • Some have speculated that the League is connected to the Society of Explorers and Adventures in the greater Disney Parks mythology however how this might be is currently unknown.