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The Lost Delta is a location in the Disney Parks mythos.


The Lost Delta is a river delta in India. It once held many great structures which were devastated in floods from the river.


  • Leprechaun Tree: This was a tree which had its base serve as the home to the diminutive leprechaun Patrick Begorra.
  • Mekong Boathouse: This victorian style boathouse along the river was constructed c. 1911 to serve as a jungle outpost for one Col. Blumbert. The boathouse would later be acquired by the Jungle Navigation Company who used it as one of their most prominent boathouses and establishments.
  • Temple of the Forbidden Eye: The Temple of the Forbidden Eye was a large temple which was dedicated to worship of the goddess Mara. It was lost in a flood around 65 BC and in the 1930s became excavated by the Lost Delta Archaeological Expedition.




The Temple of the Forbidden Eye

It held a great many of ancient peoples who created cities and shrines, as-well as a structure known as the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. This temple was dedicated to the worship of the goddess Mara who was said to grant gifts of knowledge, wealth and youth to those who worshiped her. Around 65 BC the region was flooded by the river, causing Mara's temple to be presumed lost.

Circa 1911, the British Colonel Blumbert created a boathouse on the docks of the Mekong which he wished to be an outpost for lost adventurers. Around 1928 it was put up for sale due to Blumbert contracting Malaria and being forced to flee the jungle and in the April of 1930 the outpost was purchased by Dr. Albert Falls' business, the Jungle Navigation Company.

In 1935, the archaeologist Indiana Jones traveled to the JNC's Mekong outpost with a map he obtained from the Temple of Sherdil, leading him to the lost Temple of Mara. Jones established the Lost Delta Archaeological Expedition though for more funds, his affiliate Sallah began bringing in wealthy tourists who would be lost in the temple. Amongst the discoveries to be made within the temple, Jones was most interested in the, "Jewel of Power", the supposed power-source of the temple's goddess Mara.

The Lost Delta Expedition received additional assistance from British Colonial Affairs and the Jungle Navigation Company, both of which encouraged tours to be conducted in the temple for extra revenue. Reluctantly, Jones and Sallah established the company of, "Sallah Tours" to bring guests through the temple so the expedition could receive additional funds. Other parties who assisted the expedition included Jones' contemporary Marcus Brody from Marshall College, Jones' former mentor Abner Ravenwood in the Himalayas and Trader Sam who was contacted to bring more guests to the temple.

In the late September/early October of 1935, Indiana Jones' rival archaeologist René Belloq learned of Jones' excavations and presumably travelled to the Delta. Around July 5 of 1936, Indiana Jones went missing within the temple. Jones was later found by a group of tourists sent by Sallah though they were chased by Mara through the temple and nearly killed.

Appearances and allusions[]

Adventure Trading Company[]

Jungle Cruise[]

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye[]

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

On the map in this Disney Springs bar is also an illustration of the Eye of Mara over India.[1]

Skipper Canteen[]

Tropical Imports[]

This dining-service in Disneyland has a crate addressed to British colonial affairs which is marked as coming from Indiana Jones in the Lost Delta.


  • The Lost Delta is not to be confused with the Lost River Delta, which is set in Peru, South America.