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The Lost Expedition is an entity from Expedition Everest.


This expedition was a group of mountaineers which in the year 1982 trekked the Forbidden Mountain of the Himalayas. On their journey they made a campsite nearby tracks belonging to the giant cryptid known as the Yeti. The explorers followed the footprints and photographed them only to encounter the yeti which went on to violently attack them, presumably killing them in the process.[1]

The yeti would also destroy the expedition's campsite which was later found by locals along with the shattered camera belonging to the group's photographer which contained photos of the yeti's footprints and blurred images of the creature itself.[2] The remnants of the expedition's camp and photographs would be placed in the Yeti Museum of Serka Zong at the base of the Forbidden Mountain as part of its own exhibit dedicated to the expedition.

Appearances and allusions[]

Expedition Everest[]

In the queue for Expedition Everest is the Yeti Museum's exhibit on the Lost Expedition. The exhibit contains salvaged equipment from the expedition along with framed photographs taken from its shattered camera. The function of the exhibit here is to foreshadow the guests' own encounter with the territorial yeti.