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Marion Ravenwood is a character from Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Marion Ravenwood was daughter of Egyptologist and archaeologist Professor Abner Ravenwood. In the 1920s, a teenaged Marion travelled with Abner and his students Indiana Jones and Harold "Ox" Oxley during their studies of the Ark of the Covenant. While Abner loved Indiana like a son, the adult Indiana betrayed the Ravenwood family by seducing and sleeping with the under-age Marion leading to Abner being justifiably outraged with the young adventurer.

Abner and Marion moved to Nepal for their studies with Abner later dying in an avalanche 1936. Marion became the innkeeper of a drinking-establishment along the Himalayas known as The Raven. Later in 1936, Indiana reunited with Marion when the US government hired him to beat the nazis in the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant. Indy needed Abner's medallion which was was a key in locating the Well of Souls where the Ark was buried in Cairo.

After the Raven was attacked by nazis and burned down, Marion decided to accompany Indiana in his hunt for the Ark of the Covenant. The two travelled to Cairo where they reignited their affair only for Marion to be kidnapped by the nazis and taken captive by Jones' rival archaeologist René Belloq. When Jones discovered the Well of Souls, the nazis stole the ark from his possession then tossed Marion into the well with him and sealed them in to die.

Marion and Jones narrowly escaped and while fleeing Egypt, Marion was once again kidnapped by the Third Reich. Ultimately, the nazis were all killed when they desecrated the Ark and were killed by the wrath of the Hebrew God. Marion and Indiana brought the Ark back to the USA where the government claimed possession of it to use as a weapon stored in Area-51 while Indy and Marion attempted a relationship.

Within the year, Indy and Marion became engaged only for Indy to leave Marion at the altar. Unknowingly, Indy had gotten Marion pregnant only for the two to break up again and Marion to keep her son's heritage a secret. This child was named Henry III "Mutt" Williams and raised under the belief that his father was late aviator Colin Williams whom had a brief affair with Marion.

Mutt was raised by Marion and one Harold "Ox" Oxley, another apprentice of the late Abner Ravenwood who ended his friendship with Indiana after he left Marion. By around 1955, Marion would frequent the bar of Indy's aviator Jock Lindsey in the town of Disney Springs, Florida. Marion had served Jock from the raven many times in the past, even when she and Indy were on bad terms.

In 1957, Ox disappeared in Peru while hunting for the Crystal Skull and lost city of Akator. Marion went searching for Ox only to be yet again kidnapped, in this instance by Soviet leader Irina Spalko. With instructions from his mother, Mutt found a now aged Indiana Jones to assist in the search for Ox and Marion. Following clues left by a now mad Ox, Indy and Mutt found the soviets in the jungles of Peru hunting down the lost city of Akator to unlock the mind-control powers of the crystal skull which was in reality, the skull of an inter dimensional alien being.

Indy, Mutt, Marion and Ox managed to beat the Soviets to Akator along with soviet double-agent George "Mac" McHale. The group returned the skull causing the aliens to leave Earth while Mac sacrificed himself to aid the party in escaping. Upon returning to America, Jones married Marion and took his place as father to Mutt Williams while working as new dean of Marshall College.

Appearances and allusions[]

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular![]

Cast-members portray Marion Ravenwood in this Disney's Hollywood Studios stunt-show.

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

Marion's medallion is in the lost and found within S.E.A. member Jock Lindsey's bar and a name tag in the lost & found identifies her as having visited the bar. She is also the namesake for menu items such as the Calimarion and Bitter Barkeep.[1] Jock is also in possession of memorabilia from Marion's bar, The Raven.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

A seltzer bottle from Marion's bar is located on a shelf in Trader Sam's bar. A message from Indiana to Sam mentions Marion saying  if he needed help running the bar, then Sam should ask her.


Expedition Everest[]

In The Many Adventures of Indiana Jones, Marion came across the footprints of the Yeti during her tracking of a thief through the Himalayas.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye[]

There are messages from Marion's father Abner sent to Indy in the queue for this attraction.