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The Milo Expedition was a 1914 expedition in the Atlantic Ocean to find the lost city of Atlantis. It was commissioned by Preston B. Whitmore and named for its translator, Milo Thatch.


Millionaire Preston B. Whitmore and his friend Thaddeus Thatch made a bet: if Thatch could find the Shepherd’s Journal, then Whitmore would personally fund the expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis, which Thatch believed would lead them to it. In 1911, a team sent by Whitmore managed to find it in Iceland. Thatch passed way before they could go, so Whitmore sent his grandson, Milo, to go in his place.

Notable Members[]

  • Preston B. Whitmore: Funder
  • Milo Thatch: Translator, historian and Atlantean expert
  • Lyle Tiberus Rourke: Commander
  • Helga Sinclair: Lieutenant
  • Gaetan Moliére: Mineraologist and excavations expert
  • Joshua Strongbear Sweet: Physician
  • Vincenzo Santoniri: Explosives technician
  • Audrey Ramirez: Mechanic and engineer
  • Wilhelmina Packard: Radio operator
  • Jebidiah Allardyce Farnsworth: Chef



In 1914, Milo Thatch was brought to Preston B. Whitmore to discuss the expedition. Whitmore made all of the arrangements beforehand, such as cancelling his jobs, packing his belongings, and even taking care of his cat, and all he needed was a confirmation. Milo agreed to it, wanting to live up to his father’s legacy.

The Leviathan Incident[]

The submarine disembarked for the Atlantic Ocean, following the guides in the Shepherd’s Journal. However, the entrance to Atlantis was guarded by a Leviathan, who destroyed the submarine. A crew of 200 men was reduced to only a dozen members. Nevertheless, they continued through the ruins, growing closer to Atlantis.

The Firelfy Incident[]

In the middle of the night, just outside of a ruined entrance, a lantern of fireflies were unleashed, destroying the camp. The members tried to make it across the bridge, but it collapsed. Most of the remaining crew managed to survive, but soon came in contact with the Atlanteans.

First Contact[]

Milo Thatch spoke with the princess Kida Nedakh, who welcomed the crew into Atlantis. She brought him, Commander Rourke, and Lieutenant Sinclair to her father, King Kashekim. They were allowed to stay in Atlantis for one night, to let them restock and rest.


Milo Thatch and Kida Nedakh journeyed into the underwater ruins to discover the truth about the heart of Atlantis - the city's power source and the thing that took her mother away.

Hostile Takeover[]

Rourke, Sinclair, and his mercernaries took the princess hostage, to use her and her father to find the Heart of Atlantis, so they could sell it for profit. When she became one with the heart, they captured her and took her out of Atlantis, causing the city to die. Milo Thatch, the rest of the crew, and some Atlantean warriors took him on and rescued her before they could leave. Rourke was killed by a plane propeller and Sinclair was killed by a falling balloon.


Atlantis was reborn and was magnificently restored. Kida Nedakh became queen, and Milo Thatch soon became her king. Whitmore Industries built new routes and allowed prestigious visitors into the city. However, it still remained a secret. Whitmore made sure that all of the survivors knew the cover story.

In 1932, Whitmore commissioned the League of Adventurers to go on another expedition to “discover” what happened to the Milo expedition. The truth of what happened went public for the first time.