The Museum of Fantastic Flight (Il Museo de Volo Fantastico in Italian) is a flight museum in the Italian seaside town of Porto Paradiso. It is the setting of Soaring: Fantastic Flight.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Museum was established by Cellino Falco, with construction taking place on a plot of land purchased from the Zambini Brothers starting in 1807, with the Museum opening on September 4, 1815. The Museum was dedicated to the history of flight, ranging from its evolution in the natural world to man's numerous attempts and achievements in the field of aviation.

In 1850, Camellia Falco, Cellino's daughter, would inherit her father's position as curator and shortly afterwards in 1851, was inducted into the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. After her death in 1875, the Falco estate left the museum to the Society, who have operated it ever since. In 1901, the museum held a retrospective on the life of Camellia and her Dream Flyer gliders.

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