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Paradise Falls is a location from the film Up (2009).


Paradise Falls is a large waterfall coming from a massive plateau in Venezuela, South America. In addition to many strange rock formations, the falls are surrounded by dense rainforests and home to unique wildlife.


During the 1930s, celebrated explorer and adventurer Charles F. Muntz went on an expedition to Paradise Falls in South America. Here, Muntz discovered a species of flightless bird which he hunted and killed. The bird's skeleton however was not believed by scientists of the day to be authentic and Muntz was subsequently stripped of his status.

Muntz went on to isolate himself in Paradise Falls, obsessed with hunting the remaining bird to restore his legacy. He would continue this operation with little success for over 50 years, primarily relying on his dogs which he equipped with translation collars. When he came across other humans in the falls he would become paranoid that they wished to discover the bird first and murder them in cold blood.

Around 2009, elderly man Carl Fredricksen used balloons strapped to his house to try and travel to Paradise Falls to live there. This is because Carl and his late-wife Ellie were fans of Muntz and wished to move to the tropical falls up until the day Ellie died. Stowed away on Carl's house was a Wilderness Explorer boy-scout named Russel and when the two arrived in the falls, they would come upon the bird which Muntz was hunting which Russel named, "Kevin".

Carl and Ellie's house on the falls

When Muntz found out, he attempted to murder the two for this and use them to hunt the bird but would die in a quarrel with Carl, falling from the Spirit of Adventure while it was in flight. The Spirit of Adventure and dogs would subsequently be taken under the ownership of Carl while Carl left his house and moved on. In his absence, the house would float atop the falls and reside on the plateau where Ellie dreamed of living.

Appearances and allusions[]

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

The, "Paradise Falls" jar which was used by Carl and Ellie to come up with funds to move to the falls is on a shelf in the bar of Trader Sam, a character from the Jungle Cruise.[1]


Camp Discovery[]

A newspaper story about the League of Adventurers' expedition to Antarctica describes the use of their airship the New Horizons to deploy the sled dogs to Wilkes Station notes that much of Cooter Carter's "Aerial K-9 Deployment" techniques are borrowed from those of explorer Charles Muntz despite his boasting.


  • Paradise Falls is based on the real-life Angel Falls in Venezuela.