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Indiana Jones holding the diamond in 1935

The Peacock's Eye or Eye of the Peacock is an object from the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984).


The Peacock's Eye is a large clear diamond, approximately 50mm long by 25mm tall. It was previously part of a peacock statue where it served as the statue's eye.


The Peacock's Eye is a large diamond which came into the possession of Alexander the Great who had it installed into a peacock statue as an eyeball. After Alexander's demise in 323 BC, the statue was destroyed and the diamond sold to an Indian emperor. Following this, the diamond found its way to a temple in India where it was kept in the possession of several monks.

Through unknown means, the Peacock's Eye came into the possession of ruthless Chinese gangster, Lao Che. Archaeologist Indiana Jones who was an enemy of Che made a bargain for the diamond via trading it with him for the ashes of late-Chinese emperor, Nurhachi. The gangster and archaeologist met to finish their bargain in Che's establishment Club Obi Wan where Jones managed to successfully obtain the diamond by threatening the life of Lao's girlfriend Willie Scott. However, Lao took the diamond back via poisoning Indy's drink and having him trade the diamond for the antidote, only to withhold the poison.

The deal escalated when Jones' friend Wu Han who posed as a waiter in the club pulled a gun on the crime family for Indy's safety only to be shot by Che's son Chen. What proceeded was a brawl in the club where Indy gained the antidote but lost the Peacock's Eye and ashes of Nurhachi before making a getaway with Willie and his assistant Short Round. The diamond was seemingly left in Club Obi Wan with its final fate unknown.

Appearances and allusions[]

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Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

The diamond appears in the lost & found of this bar set in Disney Springs, owned by SEA member Jock Lindsey.[1]

Jungle Cruise[]

During the Summer of Hidden Mysteries event, the Peacock's Eye was one of the objects left in the jungle after one of Indiana Jones' adventures.[2]