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Pintel & Ragetti are two characters from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.


Pirates of the Caribbean (films)[]

Pintel and Ragetti were two low-ranking officers of the British Royal Navy who turned coat to piracy in the early 18th century. The two came to serve aboard a pirate ship called The Cobra under one Captain Hector Barbossa where they were active in the Caribbean Sea. This changed in the early 1710s when in Tortuga they and Barbossa joined a ship known as The Black Pearl under one Captain Jack Sparrow.

Sparrow had Barbossa serve as his first-mate and the ship set out on a mission to the legendary island of Isla de Muerta to steal its Aztec gold treasure. Before they reached the isle however, Barbossa manipulated Jack into revealing the island's coordinates before leading a mutiny and marooning Jack on a small island to die. Barbossa took the crew to Isla de Muerta however they were all cursed by the island's gold and left as unfeeling, undead, corpses.

The treasure was hidden away on the Caribbean island of the dead Isla de Muerta which could only be found by those who already knew where it was located. It would become sought after by Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl only to be mutineed by his first-mate Hector Barbossa who took the ship to the island with the crew in his stead. Following this, Barbossa and the crew of the Black Pearl became cursed but had disposed of crew-mate William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner Sr. before they learned they required his blood, perpetuating their curse.

Eventually in the early 1720s, the crew located the final medallion in Port Royal, Jamaica under the possession of the governor's daughter Elizabeth Swann who was in-love with Bootstrap Bill's son William Turner and tricked the pirates into believing she was a Turner herself to avoid being held ransom as the governor's daughter. This resulted in Barbossa kidnapping Elizabeth, believing her to be a blood-relative of Bootstrap Bill and the owner of the blood which Barbossa needed to relieve his curse.

This however resulted in William and his ally-of-circumstance, the still-alive Jack Sparrow to hunt down Barbossa with Jack intending on using William as a bargaining chip to win back his beloved Black Pearl and kill Barbossa with the single shot he'd been carrying since his marooning. This mission eventually lead to Jack sympathizing with Will and Elizabeth and choosing to truly aid them from Barbossa with this alliance leading to William using his blood to free the pirates from their curse so that Jack could shoot Barbossa in the heart, killing him. When Jack was arrested again by the British, Will and Elizabeth freed him and he set off as captain of the Black Pearl once more.

Pintel and Ragetti were arrested by the British Empire and sent to be imprisoned in the Fort Charles prison of Port Royal, Jamaica. They managed to avoid execution by dog-napping the prison's guard-dog and its keys. The two stole a dinghy which they took to Isla de Pelegestos where by chance they happened upon the docked Black Pearl which was left there when the crew of the Pearl was taken captive by the island's cannibal natives. When Sparrow and the crew escaped, Pintel and Ragetti were enlisted as part of the Black Pearl's new crew roster.

Disney Parks[]

Appearances and allusions[]

Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island[]

Both Pintel and Ragetti appear in Dead Man's Grotto in this attraction where they are shown to be cursed and undead though it is unknown if this is from the Aztec curse, or another curse. As a result, the two are shown on Jackson Island in the 19th century where they are hoarding treasure.

Tortuga Tavern[]

Pintel and Ragetti's names appear in the crew-roster book of the Black Pearl, found in the possession of barkeep Arabella Smith. Both of their names are crossed out by Jack.[1]


Oceaneer Lab[]

Aboard the RV Oceaneer Lab is a crate belonging to SEA member Captain Mary Oceaneer which possesses the Aztec gold excavated from Isla de Muerta.[2]


  • The curse Pintel and Ragetti are shown to bare in Tom Sawyer Island remains a mystery as it is unlikely they'd be cursed by the Aztec gold due to it supposedly being sunken in the 19th century and both appear as corpses outside of the moonlight. It is possible that it is connected to the cursed treasure of Puerto Dorado which is shown to have similar magical traits. Due to this it is likely that the two were either crew-mates of the Wicked Wench under Captain Barbossa, stole from the crew of the Wicked Wench, or assisted Jack Sparrow in his robbing the Wench's lair.[3]
  • Pintel and Ragetti's relationship has never been supported within the text of Pirates of the Caribbean. Behind the scenes it has been said that the two are related with Pintel being Ragetti's paternal uncle.