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The Q’araq is an ancient being in Arbori culture and a major figure in the ride Roaring Rapids at Shanghai Disneyland. It is the guardian of the waterfalls in Apu Taku, safeguarding the water in Adventure Isle.


Long ago, a crocodile-like being had come to the island that would eventually become Adventure Isle, making his home in the waterfalls of Apu Taku, the most sacred place on the island. The oral traditions of the Arbori would dub this being the Q’araq, the guardian of the water. It is a belevolent being, safeguarding the fresh water of the island, one of its most precious natural resources. However, one can invoke its wrath, if one wanders too close to its domain.

Appearances and allusions[]

Roaring Rapids[]

The Q’araq is encountered about halfway through the attraction. It is sitting on the side of a large cavern. It roars and reaches its jaws down towards the rafts, as it passes underneath. Just outside of the attraction are large stone statues of its head, covered in vines. A statue of it can be found in the attraction’s queue.

Soaring Over the Horizon[]

The Q’araq is depicted as a constellation in the celestial observatory.