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Raging Spirits is a roller coaster attraction located in Lost River Delta at Tokyo DisneySea.

Recycling the track layout of the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril roller coaster at Disneyland Paris, Raging Spirits is set at an Incan archeological site where ancient spirits of fire and water have re-awoken and begun to duel each other, while ore cars of the Cantera El Barranca Rocoso excavation team have begun to run amok along the tracks.


Ancient Statues Cause of Excavation Site Phenomena?

LOST RIVER DELTA- A series of supernatural phenomena at a local excavation site has been linked to the mistaken positioning of two giant statues. During their work on an ancient temple, a restoration team mistakenly placed statues of the god of fire and the god of water so that they faced each other - something the ancient myths regarding the deities had strictly forbidden.

In response, the anger of the gods exploded at the human beings that had defiled them. A torrent of flames burst out around then god of fire, while a wall of water like a flood gushed from the mouths of the god of water. The forces of water and fire met between the two statues, creating a giant cloud of steam an twisting the rail tracks inside the excavation site into a 360 degree loop.

The hopper cars, loaded with unfortunate members of the dig team were then propelled through the site at an extremely high speed, filling the area with their echoing screams.


Postcard of Hightower at the ancient temple in 1883.

Tower of Terror[]

Raging Spirits is referenced in the attraction's queue with photographs and murals showing it as the site of one of Hightower's expeditions. In turn, props were added around the Raging Spirits area in the form of crated artifacts due for shipment to New York and the Hightower Trust.

In 1883, Harrison Hightower III and his butler Smelding came to the ancient ruins during a Meso-American expedition. Hightower seized one of the Water God snake heads for his ill-gotten collection.


  • The design team used The Emperor's New Groove's as inspiration for the ancient temple's architecture, with the ancient face crowning the ruins resembling Kuzco's palace.